A sceptic is merely one who is very watchful

A theologian answers those who say religion causes violence

Absurdity of "Without religion to fight about we will find something"

Bishop Wright on Jesus and why he thinks he is credible

Cana: Water turned into wine by Jesus?

Christianity says you need it to stop you being more immoral

Could creation be the answer to why something, not nothing?

Did they go to the wrong tomb on the First Easter?

Did women steal remains of Jesus on that first Easter morning?

Evidence proves Jesus never existed

God is your myth and it is you who justify the evil he allows not him

Human nature would easily condone a God who hurts others

If you abandon God would you worship just anything?

Interesting nonsense from Book of "Wisdom"

Is atheism a world view?

Jesus being the way does not make him God

Jesus changed wording of Old Testament texts

Jesus' useless lying sermon on the mount

Jesus when examined sceptically comes out as a waster

Life is valuable just because it is life and not because of God

Miracles as a waste of psychic or whatever power?

Miracles versus trust in nature

Religion admit possibility of natural disaster refuting God

Religion lies it sees miracles as divine testimony not human

Review, the book, Why I am a Buddhist

Saying somebody is wonderful and what it says about the speaker

Self-deception and why it takes great self knowledge to root it out

Should be: "Why something popped into existence when might not have done"

The doctrine that the cruel Law of God is written in the heart

The notion of wishing harm on the sin not the sinner is BS

The story of the Witch of Endor raising the prophet Samuel

The worship of God is really just hiding self-interest

Those ancients who said the evidence for Jesus was scanty

Trans and being born in the wrong body or with wrong parts

Wanting and needing are often confused in this me me me world

War heroes when acclaimed by religion

Was Jesus wiser than Solomon as he boasted?

Was there a tomb for Jesus to be buried in or is that a lie?

Weak psychological egoism and the case for it

Were the women hallucinating visions at Jesus' tomb?

What does evil mean? How understanding it furthers atheism

What I Believe by agnostic former priest Anthony Kenny

What is God and are definitions any good?

What is prophecy needed for?

What is the worst theory for how things came to be?

Who really wrote the Book of Revelation?

Why argue against a God you do not believe in?

Why be moral? It leads to loads of questions

Why believe evil is unreal?

Why do people believe and get addicted to miracle wonders?

Why do people lie that religion is good?

Why do we judge and condemn wrongdoing?

Why evil and suffering gives birth to atheism

Why forgive your enemy or those who have harmed

Why is God the same as morality? There is no answer.

Why is hate a sin?

Why is Hell everlasting?

Why Jesus never existed and the plots were stolen from others

Why leave the Roman Catholic Church?

Why live and why be happy and why suffer?

Why miracles cannot be believed even if they do happen

Why oppose ALL religion especially organised religion

Why refute the belief in God?

Why religion says we must risk condoning what God does to us

Why something not nothing? Is it scientifically relevant?

Why something rather than nothing? Intelligible question?

Why something rather than nothing? It's an evasion

Why would God give one free will?

Why would God heal one person and not another?

Wicca and Witchcraft for those who prefer fiction to fact

Wicca the real story about its origins

Wicked excuses for God letting bad things happen to us

Wilful ignorance is espoused by bigots of religion

Witches and the Occult and the dark side

With religious belief comes responsibility

Without the consent of the Church and papal infallibility

World Upside Down by Melanie Phillips book review

Worldwide Church of God on current validity of Moses' evil law

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