A doctrine must be testable or it is a cheat

A miracle is about a relationship not a performance

And God Created Humanism by Theo Hobson

Are terrorists mad or bad? And what if they are religious?

Cannot tell a person what to be offended by

Catholic Church requires gays to stay in the closet

Christian Hypocrisy on Theft

Christians are trying to keep you out of Hell?

Christians argue, "Evil fits a loving God because this God fits evil."

Did Jesus have a twin who could impersonate him?

Does the Josephus Testament belong anywhere in his book?

Earliest account resurrection was tampered with

Everybody has a morality even if it's just "all is permitted"

Flags, religion and secularism

Forgiveness turns all sin mortal

Frank Turek is wrong to say you rip up morality by dropping God

God and Time the inconsistencies and absurdities

How time travel can make sense and refute God

How truth can lead to silent terrorism or war

If we are always sinful how can morality matter?

Is Dawkins wrong on religious being inherently open to violence?

Jesus' hair versus the Turin Shroud

Jesus teaching is made up and stolen

Jesus the Man by Barbara Thiering

Jesus tomb may not have existed

Jesus twisted love and that is what he advocated!

Jesus was buried temporarily maybe?

Jordan Peterson and his 12 rules

Jordan Peterson, his 12 rules & ignoring of God and Jesus

Mormon God is not wholly trustworthy!

Paul wrote that three witnesses needed for Jesus having risen

Personhood beginning at conception and twins

Praying "God your will be done " is infantile submission

Religion captures the state and then theocracy happens

Religion is a theatrical placebo and a lived fiction

Religion is about justifying God and not for helping people

Religion's tacit support for IRA speaks louder than the condemnations

Reply to The Dawkins Delusion

Science and how the book Stealing from God treats it

Secularism has different but connected forms

Sinister side of believing that nothing human pleases God

Spot the Pope: Tebaldeshchi or Urban VI?

St Mother Teresa of Calcutta defended a clerical sex abuser

Tacitus and Nero and the historicity of Jesus

Tacitus shows there was no real data on Jesus Christ

Tacitus' writings altered to support Christ's existence?

Take responsibility for your beliefs

Take theft theory of what happened at Jesus' tomb seriously

Talmage, Mormonism a Marvellous Work?

Talmud on Jesus and is it right to cast him in a bad light?

Tamesha Means a victim of the Catholic faith

Telepathy and God and Miracles

Television supposedly a Christian occasion of sin!

Temptations of Jesus show he was play-acting

Ten Commandments explained

Terms religion, superstition, fundamentalism

Test religion facebook page posts

Thank goodness there is no God!

The Dark Side, Valerie Tarico, Ph.D Christianity exposed

The God Instinct by Jesse Bering

The Liar Lunatic and Lord trilemma

The link between God and free will is not there

The Making of a Modern Exorcist

The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris

The notion of one God being harsh and having a merciful rival

The Power of Now by Tolle is really hedonism

The Satanic Bible by Anton La Vey

The Second Face on the Shroud of Turin

The trials of Jesus is replete with lies

The Trick Question of religion on why something not nothing?

The trolley problem really does show that morality is just a prejudice

The Truth behind the Bible Code by Satinover

Theism is Bad for Mental and Emotional Health

Theodicies are excuses for divine neglect examined one by one

Theofascism and why it's oppressive to love God most

Theologians make us wonder if they are rational or just careerists

Theology responds to Logical Positivism

Theoterrorism is a curse and why all religion has this trait

Therapy and the need to protect the child from religion

Thiede's Nonsense that gospel fragments are dated too late

Thinking about miracles as a sceptic

Thoughts about Jesus' prophecy of the end of the Temple

Thoughts on an Islamist terrorist couple

Time the healer? Is time's power overrated?

Timothy and Titus letters and their "evidence" for Jesus

Toxic faith and religious addiction

Toxic faith book, overview of the toxic faith structure

Toxic Jesus, the book

Toxic positivity is a form of harmful faith

Toxic Religious systems

True age of the Turin Shroud

Truth about Christian testimonies that God has life-changing power

Turin Shroud is claimed by some to be an early photograph

Turin Shroud is not Jesus' winding sheet at all

Turin Shroud Man is not Jesus

Two forms of religious mystery outlined plus their perfidy

Two ways atheists can use evil against people loving God

Unpacking the things people say

Verifying that religion is an anti truth crusade, an ideology

Was God head of state in Israel?

Were gospel stories put into Trypho by fraudsters?

What is my essence? What is the I?

What is part of the Christian attraction?

When a teen won't go to Mass!

When faith and religion are toxic

When Hitchens told Frank Turek religion was the only evil

When Muslims go to Islamist terrorist funerals

When religious faith becomes toxic

Where was the Shroud of Turin in the first millenium? Ans: nowhere!

Why theologians need to stop pontificating on medicine and law to declare Jesus dead

Why truth matters and error only matters for refutation!

Witches are not the Old Religion

Women have the right to abortion

You only assume a miracle witness is right 

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