Against the religious school ethos being conversion by osmosis

Apparition of Siluva another outgrowth of credulity

Atheists sense mystery too

Be out-spoken for silence is being out-spoken in the wrong way?

Being in a religion and opposing or ignoring its required doctrine is wrong

Bible thoughts on the spirit of Jesus and how your body is his

Book review regarding Samir on Islam 111 Questions

Brief Gospel According to Atheism

Can you love yourself and hate your sins?

Catholics selling religious souvenirs is exploiting

Christadelphian error that Satan in Bible is a mere metaphor

Christianity does not truly believe in giving all love to God

Colossians 2 and the validity of the Jewish Sabbath

Confidence and how well do you trust yourself?

Difficulties exist with secularism but it is the best policy

Divide Church and State from each other

Emmanuel Swedenborg, Church of New Jerusalem

Evil is a side effect? What if it is? What does it mean for God?

Francis Spufford and his stupid view of religion

Frank Turek thinks atheists steal from God's science to debunk God!

God commands stoning of innocent people to death

God's Bible and his stoning laws still do harm today

Guidelines for secularism

How belief in God leads to judging by stealth

How can a secularist understand religion?

If Jesus said he was the Son of God what did he mean?

If we all came from Adam and Eve would we be the same ethnicity?

Implicit atheism of the Sedona Method

Is it possible that the Shroud was switched?

Is it true that spiritual people worse off than religious?

Is Scientism not science the problem where religion is concerned?

Is secularism at war with religion?

Is secularism directly and indirectly neutral regarding religion?

Is self-esteem selfish or self-centred and harmful?

Is Stealing from God right to say atheism is a worldview? No!

Is the Soul the Form of the Body?

Is there a second chance to make peace with God?

Israel Schwartz was apparently a Ripper witness

Jesus and the misunderstanding that he called for self-love

Jesus and was he the son of man or not?

Jesus Christ was not Sinless!

Jesus did NOT ban stoning adulteress to death in John 8

Jesus stole the golden rule

Jesus story was unknown in earliest Church

Jesus the Black Magician

Jesus was thought to have risen as a ghost not a man

Joanna Southcott, Shiloh, and her sect

Judas and Jesus and the sop at the supper

Keep supernatural out of the free will doctrine so secularise it

Lee Strobel undermines other disciplines for the sake of theology

Lee Strobel's lies in The Case for Christ

Making from nothing and self-creation

Many religions just engage in silent sneaky terrorism

Mark's Secret Gospel is an embarrassment for Christians

Miracles and when you should assume trickery

Moral values for the secularist

No real pope was known in the church for centuries

Notion of a perfect God is about making you inferior!

On the hidden and secret gospel of Mark

Paradox of selfishness

Pentecostalism is full of red flags so beware

Prayer is seeking a result, a show, and why that is terrible

Prayers in state bodies and state schools

Reification as in the idea of a spirit being indistinguishable from imagination

Religion and Jesus are erected on special pleading

Religion is lies and atheism is liberation

Religion twists around the evidence against Jesus being holy

Religion when treated as a stepping stone to peace in the midst of sectarian strife

Religion, faith and spirituality

Religious advertising on state television must cease

Religious self-deception must be rife

Richard Swinburne's Principle of Testimony in relation to Christian belief

Sam Harris says science can ground morality

Same sex marriage redefines everybody's marriage and that is good

Same-sex Marriage is a human right and must be protected by force

Sample letters for leaving Roman Catholicism

Sartre and existentialism

Satan the Devil

Satanism is another foolish and overly emotional faith

Satan's occult powers

Saturday is the Real Sabbath

Savita Hallappanavar was murdered by faith in abortion being wrong

Saying "Somebody else will" as an excuse for hurting others

Saying to somebody that they should go to hell

Scholars on John 8 should admit that Jesus sanctioned murdering women?

Science and Bible Interpretation and the tensions

Scrap the word should


Secret evil and should we engage in it?

Secular education pointers

Secular issues and medical matters

Secular parents and their child

Secular sex and why we need freedom from religious prejudices

Secularisation and why we must all advance it

Secularism and confidentiality

Secularism and oaths how can they cohere?

Secularism and religious feasts and symbols

Self idol, the way to be an atheist!

Self-compassion, the foundational value

Self-deception is insincere and there has to be a gut instinct

Self-deception is the toxic power of lying to yourself

Self-evident truth and reason

Self-gratitude advises you to be grateful to yourself foremost

Self-harming urges can cause religious "faith"

Self-image is the source of happiness

Selfish magic and the reason why magic is anti-social

Seventh day Adventism is a dubious denomination

Sharing in the evil of religious faith and the harm it does

Shiprah and Push are another pack of Bible lies

Should children be exposed to Christianity?

Shun confession to a priest

Sikhs and asking if this religion is credible

Simon Magus rivalled Jesus and unlike him had independent testimony

Simon Magus the inspiration behind the Jesus myth?

Sirach is a false scripture and dangerous to listen to

Site Map for

Solomon the Bible Myth who Jesus thought was real

Some harms that prayer does

Some things Christians are hypocritical about

Something there when an atheist attends Mass?

Sotah 47a accuses Jesus of idolatry and sorcery

Soul is a body-hating and dehumanising religious fairytale

Speak the truth about miracles and the lies and harms

Specified complexity and what has it to do with the Bible?

Spells and the absurdity of thinking that mimicking an event causes it

Spinoza spindoctors the command to love God

Spirit God leads to intolerant concepts

Spiritual and verbal inspiration of scriptures such as the Bible

Spirituality is a seductive psychological disorder

Spontaneous Remission of serious disease

St Saul book gives us shocking lessons about St Paul's inadequacy

Stages of Evil and how systems and people lure you in bit by bit

Stand Firm Resisting the Self-Improvement Craze Svend Brinkmann

Star attraction? Jesus is the only way to peace and God?

Start with suffering if you want to defend God

State or God, whose law potentially can assist liberty?

Stay away from Mass!

Stephen Hawking eliminates God

Stoics and suffering and are they okay with suffering?

Strawman religion must be avoided and there is a way to test for real Christian belief

Strobel on the Resurrection of Jesus

Strobel The Case for Christ Refuted

Suffering and the Sovereignty of God by John Piper

Survival of the Fittest or most adaptable

Suspect apostles of knowing the truth about Jesus vanished body

Systematic Theology book says you hate sinner and sin

The 1906 discovery of a Josephus text on Jesus etc

The apostle Paul didn't teach bodily resurrection of Jesus

The doctrine that even if our will is programmed we are still free

The family and secularism

The self-esteem gospel is lies, Jesus did not affirm self-love

The Shepherd of Hermas casts light on early Christianity

The state must not validate Church marriage

The Statehood Test for Holy See From the Case of the Pope

The teachings of Silvanus and the Gospels

There is no evidence at all for sanity

Thoughts on atheism in the book, Stealing from God by Turek

Turek Stealing from God is getting an atheist's review

Was Elizabeth Stride really a Ripper Victim?

Was the real location of Jesus' tomb lost forever for it was a secret?

We all have faith, so what do we need miracles for?

What If I just Believe in My Own Free Will?

What is a sect and how many different kinds of sect are there?

What secularism sees you as

When the worship of God is just selfish

Why it is selfish to say God uses suffering to train us

Why sincere religion will not pay taxes

Zero fanaticism please so don't be saying it is all for God

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