A Catholic critique of Christian Science Religion

A Christian explains the Jesus and Christian view of forgiving

A relationship with God? Do you go for coffee?

A writer tries to deny that Luke 16 teaches you can go to Hell

Abortion referendum 2018 to appeal eighth amendment

Admit the truth, Romans 1 is homophobic

Anthony Kenny philosopher rebuts atheism or thinks he does!

Attempts to work out what Josephus may have penned about Jesus

Bertrand Russell argues against God being basis for morals

Bertrand Russell as critic of religion

Bertrand Russell shows we should not take Jesus seriously

Book of Revelation predicts Christianity will fall away

Book Review: The Reason for God by Christian Tim Keller

Can you really reconstruct the New Testament from the fathers?

Christian doctrine of redemption is a bare-faced lie

Christian hypocrisy regarding one's good name and protecting it

Christianity in therapy is maltreating the client

Correspondence with a Raelian

Declaring the right to leave the Catholic Church

Do you need to believe in God to believe in reason?

Ethics is based on regulation and order

Gabriel Amorth "exorcises" Rosa

Haidt's The Righteous Mind book, thoughts on morality

If we had all the answers would there be no room for faith?

In Defence of Reason and why reasoning is self-development

Is Calvinist theology sensible and coherent?

Is it reasonable to believe in miracles ever? Mostly or Rarely?

Is logical ability proof that we have free will?

Is religious freedom a right or privilege?

Is revenge wrong? Do people agree with it deep down?

Is thinking about moral probabilities the same as relativism?

Is truth relative? Is my truth the truth?

Jack the Ripper suspects

Jack the Ripper the case for a butcher being the murderer?

Jesus is still dead so he is not present in the Mass

Jesus riots in the Temple and exercises violence

Jesus was the sordid creation of a fake role model

Mark's gospel shows Jesus was a fake exorcising witchdoctor

Mass is the Catholic gas station where the conscience is dulled

Moral relativism exaggerates moral disagreements in humankind

Morality and questions of right and wrong

Only troublemakers say they have a right to opinion end of discussion

Paul affirms that if Moses' law is law of land then obey it

Paul shows that the gospels tell lies if you turn to his Romans 13

Peck wrote Road Less Travelled which has good ideas for atheists

Raelian Movement book named The Latest Message reviewed

Raelian Movement Claims Assessed

Raising children properly

Reacting to something is not the same thing as choice or free will

Real respect for one's opinion

Real self and false self

Realistic optimism depends on candour and honesty

Reasons for suicide

Reconciliation and forgiveness

Reincarnation better gospel than resurrection

Reincarnation is a false hope

Relativism is thought to behind same sex marriage so is it?

Religion abusing its own is enough to condemn it

Religion and is it a force for good or evil?

Religion getting exemptions under the law

Religion hates a woman's right to choose for it hates women

Religion helps fuel civil wars

Religion hides its true feelings of hate

Religion ignores absurd miracles

Religion in Haidt's The Righteous Mind

Religion is based on rationalising not reasoning

Religion is parasitic on politics and embraces its machinations

Religion uses God to rob you of moral agency and authority

Religious belief makes only a fake reconciliation with science

Religious cognitive dissonance

Religious faith is abusive to evidence

Reply to Paranormal Debunkers

Respect & thinking carefully (reason) are two sides of one coin

Respecting God is self-disrespect

Response to miracle claims

Responsibility and its religious implications

Resurrection of Jesus comes from a social and religious context lacking credibility

Rethinking Why I am not a Christian by Russell

Retribution claims you earn suffering for causing suffering

Revelation from God demotivates truth-seeking

Revelation from God is just an excuse for turning your notions into God's

Review of infallible by Hans Kung

Review of Randi's Prize which alleges sceptics shouldn't dismiss paranormal

Review of The Everlasting Check: Hume on Miracles by George

Review: Gleason Archer's lying Encyclopedia Bible Difficulties

Revise the Christian canon of scripture?

Rewards are not about free will directly

Rewards as a means of exploitation

Rewards punishments do not justify belief in free will

Richard Dawkins should not be called a secular fundamentalist?

Right to defect from your religion is a fundamental one

Right to have baptism certificate shredded or amended

Rihanna and Tesco and religious interference

Ripper letters may have more value than people realise

Romans 10 hints that Jesus is non-historical

Romans 7 teaches nothing good in man

Rome added its own notions to Jesus' gospel

Royal baptism, the bad example for the people

Science and religion conflict on free will

Sixtus V an Infallible Pope who re-wrote Bible

The argument that Jesus' corpse would have turned up

The best rules for the most happiness as in rule utilitarianism

The Bible is used to condone Roy Moore alleged molestation of girls

The identification of Jack the Ripper

The necromancy surrounding the raising of Jesus Christ

The real Krishna, the truth about a god man

The Ripper's manual was the Bible!

There is more to right and wrong than mere choice?

Vain notion that you can't trust thinking if supernatural isn't real

Victims of Jack the Ripper

Vittorio Micheli is lied about as a Lourdes cure with a regenerated hip

Was Jesus buried in the first place?

Was the resurrection history or revelation?

What kind of man was the Ripper?

When Christians revere the stoning texts of the Bible

When holy books record evil things are they celebrating them?

When religion feeds relativist tyranny

Where the soldiers allegedly guarding Jesus' corpse Romans?

Why the religious crutch is bad and risky

Why The Righteous Mind by J Haidt undermines religion

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