A letter against prayer and its goodness

A psychologist who says Jesus was well-balanced!!!

All prayer assumes, "Lord I am not worthy"

Apostle Paul hopelessly tries to self-validate

Apostle Paul was a liar and yet the real cornerstone of Christianity

Are there persons who are pure evil?

Atheism is the Null or the Default by process of elimination

Bible doctrine that you don't make you good, God does!

Book: The Problem of Right Conduct

Can science test evil if it is a real power?

Catholicism empowers men to procreate through rape

Catholics pray to Jesus' blood and his cross!!

Could it be that Paul was not an apostle but a fake?

David Batson psychologist, on altruism

Did Paul believe Jesus could do magic miracles? NO

Did St Paul hallucinate his experiences of the risen Jesus?

Did the alleged shroud of Jesus perish in a fire in 1532?

Did the physical universe come from a spiritual one?

Discuss, "Maybe pure good cannot exist unless pure evil exists too?"

Doctrine that good God and evil can co-exist is ideology

Does Book of Revelation put Jesus in prehistoric times?

Does evidence for miracles override improbability?

Does God fight ontologically evil forces with lesser forms of evil

Don't be a pseudo-sceptic

Dr M Scott Peck on religion in his book People of the Lie

Free expression is no excuse or allowing prayer at abortion clinics

Freud wants us to ask if God based on wishful thinking

Hebrews says Jesus was a priest who didn't live in 1st Century

Hypocrisy of saying, "Punish the sin not the sinner"

If Jesus was God then he prayed to himself!

Is it problem of God rather than problem of good?

Is Paul the Servant of Isaiah 53?

Is prayer care or an attempt at care even if it is only asking?

Is prayer really charming and nice?

Is praying for others the best thing you can do for them?

Is religious faith psychological egoism?

Islam, ISIS and the Paris attacks

Jesus and Pederasty in a culture where man-boy sex was rife

Jesus' crucifixion not predicted in Psalm 22

Jesus did not exist before conception

Jesus did not Live in the First Century

Letter regarding Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ

Lies in the passion story of Jesus

M Scott Peck wrote the amazing People of the Lie

Memories of past lives make us ask how real are they?

Miracles in the light of the fact that I can prove only me

Notion that life is a gift from God, undermines respect for life

Outrageous lies that a psalm said Jesus would rise again

Parents and sex education in school

Parousia the doctrine of the return of Christ

Pascal's Wager and should we take a bet and follow God not atheism?

Patron Saint of Paedophile Priests?

Paul and Jesus made same ban on LGBT love-making

Paul contradicted all the gospel story

Paul is the first to decide what Jesus rising means

Paul talks as if he knew no Jesus or barely anything about him

Paul the first Christian theologian was essentially spurious

Peck asks if evil just self-deception at work

Peck tellingly overviews exorcism in his book People of the Lie

Penal theory of the atonement of Jesus for sin

Pentecostalism in the New Testament

Pentecostals and charismatics and the extremism

People of the Lie by Peck on responding to evil

People of the Lie, Peck on evil parents damaging their child

Philosophers on egoist and altruist motivation

Philosophy of Religion for A Level

Philosophy of the argument for God from design

Posts on Psychology Today on religious subjects

Pray to yourself for that is you do anyway!

Prayer and its relationship with fear

Prayer causes war for leaders pray for guidance

Prayer in the light of its arch-enemy, science

Prayer is a form of abusive conversion therapy

Prayer is an insult to the problems of life and to people

Prayer is black magic and is bad occult

Prayer is not about helping people

Prayer is not benevolent despite its trappings

Prayer is programming badness into your mind

Prayer is to be an addiction and sometimes is

Prayer judges people for asking them to be virtuous is prioritised

Prayer should be good action if anything

Prayer that blames the victim

Prayer to Abraham? A strange thing from Jesus' horror story.

Prayer to God condones his evil

Prayer's role in psychological manipulation

Praying for the conversion of sinners

Pro-afterlife fallacies and the list should be endless

Probability or evidence in relation to miracles or both?

Problem of evil is really PROBLEMS of evil, there's a fatal problem

Problem of God tolerating evil and the threat to our happiness

Problem of good as in problem of good logic

Problem of Good does not give evidence for God

Process of elimination leads to miracles having no credibility

Process theology on the evolving and the changing God

Prohibition does not work and divine prohibition is even worse

Proof for Psychological Egoism

Proofs for God and question of why something not nothing

Prophecies about Jesus' suffering refuted

Prudence warns you to be cautious with miracle beliefs

Pseudomiracles cannot be distinguished from real miracles

Psychiatry in the book People of the Lie by Peck

Psychokinesis is magic with a deceptive science flavour

Psychological Egoism is irrefutable

Psychology gives us light on prayer and warnings

Psychology Today gives light on religious harm

Psychopaths and what they show us about religion and faith

Public speaking and recommendations

Punishment and free will

Pure evil, is it necessarily a magical divine or supernatural thing?

Religious Faith is Illogical

Romans 3 cites Psalm 14 and says nobody at all pleases God

Should You Believe in Psychics? If not why not?

Silence when bad beliefs are voiced is promoting them

Sinister teaching of the duty of prayer

Soft determinism is dismissed by all clear thinking philosophers

St Paul and Homosexuality in Romans 1

St Paul the loose cannon who only wanted his own view of Jesus

St Saul is a book that is truly a Skeleton Key to the Mystery of Jesus

Suffering could be always punishment from God?

Talk about the problem of temptation and not evil

The alleged powers of the soul

The myth of the progressive Catholic

The Passover Plot Hugh Schonfield on the demise of Jesus

The path gives meaning to life, not the goal

The rights of sex-workers and why we should protect them

The sin heresy and why sin is heresy in psychology

The sweet but hateful teaching of St Paul on love or charity

The tradition of praying to Jesus is an invention

Those who say harmful acts are pure evil

Thoughts on the notion that good is a property

Using prayer to force God to do your will

Using the right pronouns to affirm trans or genderless or genderfluid or nonbinary

What earthquakes say about prayer

What if evil say even if it is a power is vague and cloaks itself?

What is being pro-choice?

When my prayers comfort me or do they?

Why did Paul not know of Jesus' basic teaching?

Why magic is more ethical than prayer

Worship of God is worship of his inventors by proxy!

Zoning in on two forms of egoism or the claim that it is really about me

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