A short dictionary refuting the occult

An ontological argument against God

Anselm's Ontological Argument for God

Bad motives behind free will defence of God

Belief in miracles opens door to being conned

Blasphemy is usually defined as offending religious doctrine

Can religion and faith be an open placebo?

Emer O Kelly, Sunday Independent

Ethics of saving lives by donating organs

Good people do evil saying, "I was only obeying orders"

Gospels are lying about Jesus being well-known

If we are forced to have an objective morality we should not be

Is objective morality necessarily bigoted?

Is retribution a form of revenge or does it have vengeful leanings?

It is futile to say "Objective morality is God". No practical good is done

It should be original neutrality not original sin

Man uses religious lies about objective morality to manipulate

NDEs seem to be projections caused by cultural influence

No competent psychiatrist commends religion

Objections to prayer show how disrespectful prayer is

Objective morality and God and circular reasoning

Objective Morality and its element of force

Objective Morality and Mysterious Purpose of God

Objective morality when linked with God is a fallacy

Objectivism and God, Rand as a counter-prophet

Obscure miracles have important lessons to teach us about credulity

Obscure Religions challenged and examined

Occult hallucination of the resurrection would be nothing unusual

On Evil reviewing the superb book by Terry Eagleton

One Witness? Jesus resurrection

Ontological agnostics try to be neutral on what universe is from

Ontological argument for an evil God

Open theism is turning God into a weak thing!

Oppose religious labelling so stand up for yourself

Ordinary believers in Jesus were gullible

Origen and Book 20 of the Antiquities by Josephus

Ossuaries that verify the reality of Jesus or do they?

Priests saying that Jesus was an only child

Questions arise about the truth of the Guadalupe vision

Right to your own opinion?

Should only sceptical witnesses of a miracle be checked out?

Suffering is something that treats a person as an object, a nothing

Swearing and taking oaths and Jesus

The claim that objective morality needs there to be a God explains nothing

The incapacitated and objective morality

Truth is real and you need it to be and is not just opinion

Use Occam's Razor against miracle claims

When religion gets offended ...

Why does trying to ground morality in God matter?

Why it is evil to be accused of having and abusing free will

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