All information about Jesus comes from his propagandists

And the gates of Hell shall never prevail lies Jesus

Anti-semitic Christians try to water down Jesus' Jewishness

Argument that Evil refutes God is not necessarily hating him

Atheism is atheisms and is atheism essentially a lack of belief?

Being prayed for makes no difference

Bible did not predict that God would become man

Bible knows nothing of the sacraments, Church made them up

Catholic Church added books to the Bible for propaganda reasons

Christian and Muslim Terrorists are still Christian and Muslim

Christians in combat against heresy and sin

Disbelief in God because there is no evidence

Doctrine: put beyond the reach of reason & evidence

Everybody sins according to the Bible

Evidence for miracles has no hope of being conclusive

Evidence that the New Testament was hidden

Findings that nail the tomb and shroud of Jesus

Friedrich Neitzsche and the afterlife

God's direct evil and the notion that evil is unreal

If gospels lie then why no lies that Jesus was seen rising?

If there could be a God, what issues are there around necessary evils?

If there is no eternal hell is there no free will?

If you are not reasoned into faith can you be reasoned out of it?

Is it true that there are no accidents?

Is morality, moral rules, a necessary evil? Yes

Is the calling up of Jesus a cover for Necromancy?

Is the lack of good always evil?

Jesus Christ was not God

Jesus' Imagined Miracles

Jesus lied that the psalms predicted him

Jesus' new religion permits slavery

Morality can make you use I've no other way as an excuse

Morality is none of God's business and it belongs to us not him

My thoughts on children's nativity plays

Natural evil and moral evil and which matters most?

NDE or Near Death Experiences are unconvincing

Neaniskos and Jesus, was he seeking access to young boys?

Necromancy in the form of sinister Catholic prayers to the "saints"

Needing God is dangerous and degrading

Negative utilitarianism or reducing suffering as much as possible

Neurons and belief and does biology lead to religion?

Neutrality with regard to how we treat others

Never feign membership of or belief in a religion!

New Testament contains false prophecy

New Testament Contradictions and lies

New Testament demands credulity

New Testament Evidence Against Miracles of Jesus

New Testament is not Inspired by God or his Word

New York Times Ad by Freedom from Religion Foundation FFRF

Nihilism as in declaring life and everything meaningless

No compulsion in Islam verse scrutinised

No miracle claim is on its own, it is always in a collection

No priests in the Christian Church are really valid

No Sacred Cows: David McAfee investigates the supernatural

Nonbinary rights are human rights

Non-directive counselling does not fit God ethos

Non-Natural Moral Realism examined

Not responsible for being free

Nudity Hypocrisy and God

Numbers 5 and God's hatred of woman

Only consider believing in a miracle when you see it yourself!

Prophets did not predict coming of Jesus

Questioning tradition that there were women at the tomb of Jesus

Religion and science being distinct fails if religion is man-made

Religion has no justified existence

Religion looks good by pretending evil members are not members

Sin of Natural Birth Control

So-called good is really just necessary evil

Thankfully there is no afterlife

The Catholic doctrine that revelation ended with the apostles

The dark underpinnings of Jesus' "I give you a new command of love"

The Necessary Being Argument for God's existence

The New Atheism when Atheism made its biggest ever impact

The No True Atheist argument is a version of the No True Scotsman

The problem of evil in the light of a God who necessarily exists

The Truth About The Gita – by Narla, Review

There is no evidence for God

There is no original sin in your baby

There is no real case for trusting the New Testament

There is no right to have your child baptised

There never was one Church

There would be no Hell if there were no God

Thoughts on narcissism

Toxic Faith book, non-toxic faith?

Trying to make science avoid refuting God fails with NOMA

Vatican Norms for assessing if Apparitions are from God

When believers treat human suffering as a numbers game

Why eternity makes the idea of God being the necessary being absurd

Why existence of Napoleon and Jesus cannot be equally refuted

Why I should not be afraid of a God!

Why were no priests whistleblowers about clerical abuse?

Will religion never disappear from the earth?

You do not have the right to get baby baptised

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