A Christian critique of Situation Ethics

An objection to Hawking and his devotion to m-theory

Are the Mary Apparitions Fake?

Being moral and being rational and can they be reconciled?

Catholicism manipulates its members

Christian attempts to merge God and morality only give you a misfit

Christian book on theology degrades atheists and their views

Christian hypocrisy about money

Christians Martyrs were suicides and human sacrifices

Church harmed me and why people need to be alert!

Defenders of Muslim faith are attempting to defend the absurd

Did Jesus have a mock crucifixion?

Did Jesus really have a magic risen body?

Did Micah predict the birthplace of Jesus?

Did the men in white rob Jesus' tomb?

Discuss, Just because my motive is mine doesn't mean it's always about me

Disingenuous people erase the problem of religion and violence

Do people mean "meaning of evil" when they say "meaning of life?"

Doctrine of creation is magic, it's super-occult!

Evaluation: "Pray for more important things than a headache to go away"

Famine victims were murdered by negligence

Feeling free is not sensing free will. A feeling is not a sense.

God does stupid magic trick style miracles for Moses

God is a self-projection or you project your own moral ideals to him

God is a terrible mother if a mother at all!

God making good not evil doesn't get him off the hook for evil

God using us as means not as ends and why that is bad

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique of his creator doctrine

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique of his God doctrine

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique of his moral teachings

Herbert McCabe O P, A Critique of his religious thinking

Hope belongs to atheism and how to be atheistic and hopeful

How getting rid of responsibility gives the religious meaning?

How is the moral side of our nature put into us?

If you would be better than God if possible only then are you good!

Is it really more blessed to give than to receive?

Is looking for meaning in life all future-orientated?

Is magic an ethical or good activity?

Is Morality a Person: God?

Is morality if real simply about a real relationship with God?

Is morality like language? Is that proof it is not just an invention?

Is religion a mental illness or a roleplay or a lived fiction?

It is the "meanings" of life not the "meaning"

Jack the Magical Ripper? The occult connection?

Jesus makes out most people will be damned in Hell forever

John Loftus and Jesus was a Moral Monster

Keller's Making Sense of God on love, it makes anything but sense

Lessons from Myra Hindley and how God followers view suffering

Mackie and great insights from his Ethics Inventing Right and Wrong

Mackie on Free Will, the philosopher speaks

Magdalene may have told a Jesus lie that mushroomed all over the globe?

Magic is not verified by Quantum Physics

Magic is superstition and harmful in the way uselessness is harmful

Magical thinking is the secret force behind ALL religion

Mahabharata is a Hindu holy work and here's an expert critique

Making money from miracles

Making sense of God by Keller, is God needed to be good?

Manipulation is a vice and it is rife in religion

Many venial sins make a mortal sin

Many Worlds Interpretation from Science and its Atheist Relevance

Marcion is evidence that early Christianity was a cauldron of myth

Mark 16:8 is not the abrupt ending it seems to be

Mark gospel endings are fake

Mark Vernon wrote the recommended God the Big Questions

Marriage is a crime against women

Marriage is a very bad idea because...

Marriage is an implicit judgement on sex out of marriage

Marriage is none of the state's business

Marriage the mature understanding

Marriage versus freedom

Martin Luther King and his problematic "wisdom"

Marxism is another persecuting wannabe religion

Mary in the Qur'an is not the biblical Mary

Materialism is not the opposite of spiritual

Maths and science go together, they override religious hearsay

Maths and the notion that evil is incomplete good

Matthew 23 is when Jesus rants in sheer hate speech

Matthew Gospel Commands Keeping the Jewish Law

Maximally Great Being is God?

McGrath book Mere Theology and his absurd faith

McGrath on miracles being seen as violation of nature

Me too! How saying this can ruin listening

Meaning in life is down to your methods

Mechanistic universe cannot be avoided with miracle claims

Menace of miracles or menace of believing in them

Mercy and justice and yes they do conflict

Messiah means zealot so Jesus was a terrorist

Michael Tooley showed extreme evil makes God implausible

Middlesex Street and the Ripper?

Militant atheism is compassion

Mind over matter? Can thoughts have an effect on objects?

Miracle is a word that means nothing

Miracles need maximal investigation to be believed

Moderate religion is bad and dishonest and too political

Moderate religion is boring and that encourages extremism

Moonies or Rev Moon's infamous Unification Church

Moral fictionalism says morality and maybe a moral God is a useful fiction

Moral subjectivism says morality is only feelings

Morality as hate for injustice and cruelty

Morality in the light of circular reasoning, is it a circle?

Morality is an euphemism for necessary evil

Morality justifies itself and it is self-justified

Morality ought to be fair, loving, etc but the ought is a problem

Morbius movie raises moral questions that affirm atheism

More than one source of morality?

Mortal Questions by Thomas Nagel shows implicit atheism

Mortal sin, the terrifying notion that you can shut God out

Moses a core Bible authority was a False Prophet

Moses gave evil lawbooks and lied they came from God

Moses' law still overrides civil law

Most Catholic doctrine is from Tradition not the Bible

Most people might be civil but they are not good

Motivational self-deception builds up religion

Motive and how it relates to altruism etc

Mourning is better than forgiveness

Muhammad was not a true prophet of any God never mind Allah

Muhammad was not predicted in the Bible

Muncaster on the alleged Bible code

Muslim by Hank Hanegraaff shows Islam has social dangers

Mystery doctrines in religion are inherently disrespectful to you

Mystery of God letting evil happen gives insights into psychology

Mysticism is derangement and fanaticism in a cloak

Myths about atheism!

Neutral? Are some deeds/attitudes actually as bad as they are good?

Occult doctrine that magic has to work with and within nature

One thousand years reign of Jesus is forecast in Bible

PJ McGrath's excellent but sceptical study of the Jesus miracles

Prophecies of Malachy and Columbkille

Pure evil is a dangerous idea, religion's alternative is as bad

Recommended websites to help with researching religion

Refuting the excuse that Jesus was a man of his time

Religion and mixed marriage between different faiths

Religion motivates crime

Review: Morality: An Introduction to Ethics by Bernard Williams

Review: Making Sense of God by Timothy Keller

Same sex marriage referendum Ireland

Sinister doctrine that we are made in image of God

St Mother Teresa is a faux saint who should be demoted

Suffering cannot be given a purpose by God

The doctrine that magic is a form of love

The hypocrisy of the Muslim faith

The mark of baptism on soul idea signifies opposition to equality

The mercenary side of you is your God

The Moses story lacks credibility

The sacrament of marriage is a scandal

The surprising truth about morals and their opposition to Gods

Theorising about evil having an answer if there is a God is cruel

Tips about how to make reason attractive

Vain attempts to raise the dead in physical mediumship

Was Jesus the Messiah?

Who forged Mark's gospel?

Who forged Matthew's gospel?

Who really killed John the Baptist?

Why Christianity is martyrdom glorifying and dangerous

Why some try to make out Jesus' two big commands disagree

Why would you want to believe that magic or miracle is real?

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