A Mormon apologist says Book of Mormon has textual evidence that it is ancient

Anti-religion stance of the law of attraction

Bad religious leader is not all to blame so add in the followers

Christian hypocrisy about lies and why it matters to you

Did the early followers of Jesus simply lie that he rose from the dead?

Don't stay in a religion with evil doctrine

Exorcist Lopez Sedano shows why exorcism is abusive

Flying Virgin Mary and her flying house of Loreto

Free will in the light of the law of attraction doctrine

God lifting a stone that cannot be lifted

Grace and the purpose of life

Hitler and his liberal Christianity liquidated the Jews in WW2

How good are Luke's miracle stories about Jesus?

How religions of lies are really just occult nonsense

Is evil a logical disproof of the goodness and existence of God?

Is the Bible scientific when it says life is in the blood?

Is the little horn of the Bible the Papal Antichrist?

Jesus preaches hell torment in Luke 16

John the Baptist did not pave way for Jesus

Labels as a distraction from the person's humanity

Law of Attraction says your thoughts come true

Liar, Lunatic or Lord of all? Is Jesus for real?

Liberal Catholics need to get out of the Church

Liberal religion facilitates nastiness towards atheists too

Liberty and how freedom must be maximised

Lie that the universe and nature were intelligently designed

Lies about the complimentary nature of science and religion

Lies and guesses are used to prop up the credibility of miracles

Life is worth living for atheists and for all

Liking a person is self-interest

Limited atonement and- the notion that Jesus did not die for all

Links to criticism of religious truth claims

List of Christian Hypocrisies and it is not exhaustive

Live in the Power of Now!

Living together does not ruin the marriage

Living without the Church and why you owe it to yourself

Logic and the Church are not star-crossed partners

Logical fallacies or bad thinking have personal consequences

Logical positivism undermines religious faith

Logical proof from evil that God is impossible

Lot and Genesis argues how homosexuality is the worst sin

Lucifer is Jesus? Read the Bible.

Luck rather than prayer is what you really believe in

Luke 13 shows Jesus' hate

Lying Jesus of John's Gospel

Necessary evil is just everywhere and what that would mean

Notorious Lusk Letter and Jack the Ripper

Nun Colette Livermore spurns Mother Teresa

Our Father/Lord's Prayer is offensive

Proof that Jesus' 12 apostles were liars

Protestant doctrine that Jesus did not die for all sinners but some

Ripper Letter concerning Joseph Levy

Saying science without religion is lame is one of the biggest lies

The fires of Hell are literal fires

The gospels were closed books for the people were illiterate

The need for litigation against the Church

Ticking the wrong Census box can embolden religion against LGBT

Total absurdity cannot exist

Unbaptised babies banned from Heaven

Venial sin doctrine is and leads to hypocrisy

Was Mary a literal virgin? It is not clear

What is logical positivism?

When LGBT supports the Church

Why apostle saying Jesus rose for he would not lie is not an argument!

Why LGBT who do not identify as Catholic should tick no religion

Will anybody turn evil in a bad situation? Hitler is in all of us.





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