An easy test to show statue worshippers they are are idolaters

Baptism is a demeaning tool for equating you with a word "Catholic"

Catholic Mass is an idolatrous sacrifice!

Christians asserting they believe for it is improbable

Consequences of saying your sins are not part of you

Discuss, "For honest good people to lie, that takes religion"

Do shroud believers think it was intended to be a negative???

Doctrines About God make no sense

Does John Gospel say Jesus gave Church power to pardon sins?

Do prayer and magic work in contraries?

Faith exploits your subconscious, you mistake it for God's guidance

God is your Idol, and an Idol is always bad

God seems equivalent to saying there is an invisible unicorn

God's grace is human influence pretending it is not manipulating

Good insights from Hanegraaff on Islam in his book, Muslim

Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Kreeft Pacelli is foolish

Hell for sinners is a threat in Islamic and Mormon thought

How a choice shows there is no God

Ideal utilitarianism or maximising greatest virtue of greatest number

Ideas are never sacred so question them all if you think there is a need

Ideology is when ideas make addicts and become tools to oppress

Idolatry of Praying to Jesus

If Christ has not been raised then faith is in vain

If dogma infallible then justifications infallible too

If religion is true why does it need so many liars to promote it?

Ignatius shows there was no evidence for Jesus but the resurrection

Impostor syndrome and faith in God

Incarnation of God as Jesus makes God evil

Incarnationism is St Justin's claim that Jesus becomes bread not vice versa

Incitement to hatred by religion and how secularism sees it

Indecent Images and ethics surrounding this issue

Indulgences in the Catholic Faith are indulgence in nonsense

Irresistible grace where you just have to come to God in Calvinism

Is egoism arbitrary? Why should I put myself ahead of the other person?

Is religious system or individual religious belief the problem?

Isacaron a demon composes prayers to Jesus' mother! Is she in Hell?

Isaiah 53 does not predict Jesus' death

Islam is more believable than Christianity

Islamic State ISIS and what we can learn from its atrocities

Issa in the Qur'an is not Allah's Son in any form

It takes religion to make good people do evil

Jesus is irrelevant to the ordinary person

Jesus is not in the Koran

Jesus rising in the light of the body not being an individual thing

Jesus when he used "I am" did he mean I am God?

Jesus, Moses and Joseph Smith, monarchs of the patriarchy

Koran does not really have the Christian Jesus but Issa

Liberal religions want to capture your brain too

Live your authentic non-religious life

Love has a bad side so why should a loving god mean a great one?

Making excuses for idolatry

Man made religious constructs have no validity

McGrath a theologian critics Papal Infallibility

Miracles indicate weak faith

Muhammad affirms that sex is gender and is either man or woman

Muslim or not, ISIS is a religion

MUSLIM: What You Need to Know regarding Islamic theology

Needs are not wants and religion and God are not needs

Nobody has the right to say God is right to let you suffer

Northern Ireland homophobe Iris Robinson slams gay sin

Own yourself so don't let religious opinion try to define you

Paul admits there is a big "IF" over Jesus

People matter as people, not as "images" of God

Put your religion to the test for your own sake and the vulnerable

Questions Islam Cannot Answer

Qur'an Issa versus Jesus and they are rivals not the same person

Radical Islam shows us why we need to be wary of Christianity

Reality will always bring you down with a bump, be real

Religion and faith are subtle weapons and can hurt you

Religion and Jack the Ripper 1888 Whitechapel Murders

Religion and science, methodology or ideology?

Religion can be underhand in how it controls you

Religion does not support your informed religious choice

Religion is passive aggressive role play

Religious faith often gives way to worse faiths

Religious love has a dark side

Religious tradition is peer pressure from the dead

Scriptures such as the Bible are violent in language/imagery

Sin contradicts "innocent until proven guilty"

The hypothetical and what it says about you!

The simple truth is that Jesus is not God!

Understanding your right to freedom from religion

Verifying that child baptism is for one thing only, indoctrination

Was Jesus promising the apostles clairvoyance would guide them who to forgive?

When the Catholic Church says, "I absolve you..."

Why giving a sweet to a child is better than a day of prayer

Why is the figure Issa mistaken for Jesus in the Quran?

Why Papal Infallibility is a Hoax

You must be better than God when you can speak for him



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