A study in the healing miracles of Matthew's gospel

A table showing how Hume was right to protest miracle belief

Afterlife in Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Another look at Christian apologetics for the problem of evil

Avoid healers! Their magical beliefs are arsenic

Bible is it myth or history?

Comedian Refers to Communion as Haunted Bread

David Hume and God and how he debunked the wisdom of faith

David Hume and induction

David Hume comments on the miracles of the Bible

David Hume on Cause & Effect

Declaring Jesus sane so you might declare him God?

Did Hume confuse frequent occurrences with evidence?

Do not hate your sin! Self-flagellation is abuse.

Ethics for the humanist

Handbook Christian Apologetics on Risen Jesus as Hallucination

Handbook of Apologetics tries to explain away human suffering

Handbook of Christian Apologetics Conclusions

Handbook of Christian Apologetics deserves this scathing review

Handbook of Christian Apologetics excuses Hell's endless punishment

Handbook of Christian Apologetics fails to show that Jesus was God

Handbook of Christian Apologetics lies to excuse God allowing evil

Handbook of Christian Apologetics on Christians & other religions

Handbook of Christian Apologetics on conscience as showing God is real

Handbook of Christian Apologetics on Happiness, it's bizarre!

Handbook of Christian Apologetics on Hell as punishment

Handbook of Christian Apologetics on human evil

Handbook of Christian Apologetics on miracles as clues and signs

Handbook of Christian Apologetics Refuted

Handbook of Christian Apologetics: God and what he's like

Handbook of Christian Apologetics: God as good & letting evil happen

Handbooks chart on the resurrection of Jesus is deliberately oversimplified

Hard rationalism's dislike of faith may be its strength

Hare Krishna ISKCON is a once popular cult

Harmful beliefs exposed and why you must speak out

Harmonising gospel accounts is airbrushing contradictions

Harry Cox gives light on the Ripper murders

Hate sin love sinner proves evil refutes God

Hate your own sin first before you love sinner and hate the sin?

Hating big sins and how it hides hatred of the sinner

Hating sin is the first step to hating sinner

Hating sin is too burdensome and leads to violence

Hatred and how religion enables and develops it in the unwary

Hawking was falsely accused of punching philosophically above his weight

Headcovering is when earliest Christians oppressed women in Church

Healthy spirituality? Is there such a thing?

Heather Woods and her reputed Stigmata

Heaven and Hell are lies that we have all absorbed

Heaven refuted in spite of the Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Henry Morris and Creation Science

How are beliefs respected?

How dare you insult suffering and evil in order to have a faith!

How did Jesus rise from the dead?

How does free will work and function?

How sincere is respect for the beliefs of others?

Hume A Very Short Guide by A J Ayer

Hume and moral subjectivism

Hume says we cannot show morality is rational

Hume's fork logic and observation are your only tools but go off on their own

Hume's theorem works against belief in miracles

Hume's untapped argument against faith in miracles from "morality"

Hypnopompic hallucinations and the risen Jesus tale

Hypocrisy leads to more problems if unchecked

Is altruism hateful and against egoists?

Is Paul's text evidencing the resurrection of Jesus much good?

Jesus engages in hate speech against the vulnerable in Mt 23

Jesus wants you to hate your parents if they are against him

Love the person but hate the harm they do?

My thoughts on human rights

No real benefit in believing in afterlife

Reasoning for humanism

Religious people fake humility

Resurrection is treated stupidly in the Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Salvation according to the Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Scholars use fallacies to rule out resurrection as related to hallucination

Secular Humanism Criticised

Secular Humanism is worth considering

Some principles for Humanists

Some weak arguments for afterlife from Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Stephen Hawking and Miracles

Stephen Hawking lays the god of the gaps habit to rest

Stone at tomb of Jesus might have been easy to move

The claim that you have to believe in Hell if you believe in free will

The origin of the Handbook of Christian Apologetics

Thoughts on morality and David Hume

To hate the harm done is not the same as hating sin

Twenty arguments for God refuted

Unethical preachers proclaim Heaven as a gift from God

Was Hume advancing an overly dogmatic worldview?

Why do we have to hate the sin? Can't God just forgive to save us the trouble?

Why it is dangerous to think faith in man's word is faith in God

Why something not nothing? Should we ask how instead?

You cannot derive an ought from an is

You need to know the truth about hate






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