A God of moral law is necessarily vindictive

A God who permits evil is the worst

A respected list of what traits good religion has

Approaches to the God idea and is it credible?

Belief in God does not imply there is an afterlife

By their fruits you will know them says Jesus

Can we think evil is default and good is what falls short of it?

Can you be a good Catholic in an active LGBT relationship?

Catholic God loves conditionally

Command to love God with all your heart is evil

Doctrine that love of God and neighbour go together

God and retribution go together and show the toxicity of deity

God belief is instilled in you to suppress you

God belief is the seed of terrorism

God can have no plan for making things to hurt you

God does not change and is eternally static

God exercises his right to punish

God in the light of the view that morality is just wellbeing

God is a murderer according to the Bible

God is a nonsense word

God is guessing and so has no right to let us suffer

God is not a moral agent and thus irrelevant

God is not about you, he cannot please everybody anyway

God owns morality? Examining the suggestion

God worship is always a cover for idolatry

God's warped love for you

Golden rule and love of neighbour as oneself

Golden rule of Jesus is grounded in hate

Gospel Evidence for Jesus is Worthless

Gospel of Peter undermines the classical gospel claims

Gospels call human nature totally depraved

Gospels written to imitate way Caesar stories were written

Goulston Street Graffiti might not be or might be by the Ripper

Grace doctrine denies pagans will go to Heaven

Grace from God is a dehumanising idea

Gradualism is a form of Christian charm laced with ulterior motives

GROW is simply Fr Cornelius Keogh's dubious help for the vulnerable

Guards bribed to lie at Jesus' tomb?

Guilt and Christian belief are dangerously connected

Hell and the doctrine that God comes first

How Belief in God is not really the ground of justice or love

How DNA makes us want to fit in at the expense of truth/integrity

How do you judge a good or bad or neutral motive?

How the notion of faith as divine gift gaslights

Idea that God implies hate is a sin is wrong or inconclusive

If altruism is good then what if God belief undermines it?

I'm a good as God if I am his child

Is a sense of gratitude behind God belief?

Is belief in God a necessary evil and not a good?

Is God a scientific hypothesis?

Justifying a woman's hand being cut off

Logic proves that arguments for God from creation are futile

Love of God is intolerant and feeds intolerance

Making sense of Jesus' good fruits argument

Miracles accuse God of being an immature show off

Miracles advocate the superstition of the God of the Gaps

Must your good deeds be somehow forever to matter?

No guards at Jesus' tomb so was he stolen?

Ripper Letters and Goulston Street Message

Sentimental tripe of "When you suffer God suffers more"

Strongest - good or evil? Does evil give way to good always?

Suffering as part of life if there is a God

Temptation disproves God

The argument that you need a God to be grateful to

The Book of Genesis evilly invalidates trans people

The Epistles Indicate that the Gospels were NOT Published Early

The gospel account of the pre-resurrection Jesus is mad

The gospels were not published early or for general perusal

The idea that Catholicism grew more complex because of growing understanding

The Messiah who surpassed Jesus in providing evidence see Guglielma

The problem of how to be grounded in nature so you can recognise a miracle

The truth about the God-shaped hole

There is a good side to having no answer for suffering

There's no evidence for God so he will not give us gift of evidence!

Using God as prop to validate morality is not validating morality

What is off-putting in faith in God and its supposed healthiness

When was Jesus Crucified?

Why did the gospel writers not want us to know who they were?

Why God will not accept the Catholic Mass as worship

You do not need God to be good!

Your Golden Rule Jesus is a sign of your virtue-signalling




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