A philosopher shows that God is just a guess

Absurdity of forgiving yourself

Antisemitist Christianity forgives evil Hitler for his antisemitism

Argument for free will from desire for revenge

Baptise in name of Father Son and Spirit ??? What is the problem?

Baptism and forced "membership" of the Church

Baptism is open to being forced on babies & intellectually different

Can have free will but be unable to sin!

Changing moral principles when it suits? Can morality be fluid?

Christianity says forgiving is not natural

Dangerous doctrine of free will

Do I have to forgive attacks on others not just on me?

Do we choose our beliefs or not?

Do we have partial free will?

Doctrine that evil is not real denies that we have free will

Does God force damnation on people?

Don't assume the fundamentalist definition is clear

F L O A T E R stands for rules for evaluating claims

False prophecies of the miraculous medal visionary Catherine Laboure

Fighting Words gives us Avalos assessment of Islam

Fighting Words: Origins Of Religious Violence by Professor Hector Avalos

Finetuned universe? Thus is there a God?

Finite past and cause

Flew and Christianity and how impossible that faith is

Flew's Falsification Principle that diminishes religious claims

Food Taboos in Religion are revealingly stupid

Forcing people to hear the gospel versus forced conversion

Forcing religious people to do same sex weddings

Forgive but yet punish is not a workable idea and is foolish

Forgiveness and gratitude are co-dependent

Forgiveness is for the evil person's sake only

Forgiveness is incoherent especially when God is affirmed

Forgiveness is often confused with healing of the past

Forgiveness is pro-atheism and atheists know how to do it right

Forgiving enemy for God's sake is problematic

Forgiving for the sake of the enemy is anti-victim

Forgotten sins and can a god pardon them?

Forgotten sins are a source of spiritual terror?

Fortune-telling deserves opposition from atheists and the Church

Foundation errors expose Jesus story as false

Free will accuses you of creating evil so it's a slander

Free will and altruism and egoism

Free will and altruism are a dangerous marriage

Free will and Christian belief

Free will and desire and the inconsistencies

Free will and our options!

Free will and the denial that evil is a real thing or choice

Free will and the insane

Free will and trusting God

Free will argument refutes, not defends, God

Free will because of God implies miracles not needed

Free Will Defence and Population

Free Will Defence is a Flop

Free Will Defence is evil for it blames

Free Will Disproved

Free will if it exists is about power not morality as such

Free will if it's real or not makes no difference today

Free will is an untrue doctrine and lacks support

Free will is not a gift from God

Free Will is not a theory but a harmful dogma or doctrine

Free will is not freedom from control if there is a God so it's useless

Free will is not supported by consciousness

Free will says love is voluntary but that is not clear

Free will to sin is a wholly unwarranted theory

Free will, what does it mean? Is it about the kind of person I am?

Free will, what does it really mean?

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right

From my Discus comments against religion

Fruits argument and life-changing grace from God

Fundamentalism of Pope John Paul II

God belief has me virtually forgive things I have no right to

God should have a force-field around us

God should trick you to think you have free will

God wants us to use our free will to suffer with others in compassion

Hate speech alert, "Fool says in his heart that there's no God"

If virtue is in the mind then is free will a myth?

Is a miracle a freak law of nature?

Is being forced by God to repent any good?

Is free will a joy or a necessary evil?

Is free will about spiritual stuff only?

Is it your place to forgive what was done to others

Islam and the Future of Tolerance by Sam Harris

It is abuse to give God to children who are prone to fantasy friends

Jesus and the Bible err on food science

Jesus calls Herod a fox and thus makes a racist slur

Jesus the firstborn child of God

List of reasons why belief in a forgiving God is evil

Miracles wreck attempts to find the supernatural explanation

My flesh is food indeed says Jesus but he is not referring to Mass

My posts on Building a Bridge to LGBT man Fr James Martin

Nastiness of making free will only about good and evil

Not true that free will defence motivates good works

People who were religious frauds were canonised

Psychology Supports Opposition to Free Will

Reason can work without having free will

Religion as a franchise

Review Fr Pat Collin's Freedom from Evil Spirits

Roman Catholicism believes in quasi-pardon not pardon

Secularism is a fundamental human right

Should we believe in free will for pragmatic reasons?

Some experts on the myth of free will

Some New Testament books are forgeries

The dark side of forgiveness especially when its religion based

The first Muslim and how it rules out Jesus as a special prophet

The formal proof that God is disproved by evil

The free will argument for God puts cart before horse

The insane doctrine that selfishness is the tormenting hellfire

The power to transcend as a way of looking at free will

The Truth about Fundamentalism

There is a God, Flew's book reviewed

There is no point in believing in free will

Top philosopher denies afterlife, Flew's There is a God

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What is the free will defence?

When to forgive is to judge

Why a Humanist Funeral?

Why believe in free will?

Why first communion is bad for children and society

Why having free will does not mean you have it to please a God




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