A survey of violent scriptures or revealed writings from God

Albert Einstein and time being changeless and static

All who try to define evil end up lying and arrogant

An act is never both altruistic and non-altruistic

An essay against marriage and its element of control

An essay on whether moral facts are real

An examination of egoism as a moral theory

Be selfish but in a sensible thinking way

Being an enabler of sin in Christian ideology

Catholic Church abuses victims of ectopic pregnancy

Catholics and Protestant Ecumenism

Chariton of Aphrodisias is a source of empty tomb of Jesus story

Did Jesus' corpse vanish in an earthquake?

Do errors have rights? No. Erring people do and only them.

Do religion and God owe you meaning in life? What if they do?

Does embarrassing material in gospels prove reliability?

Does risk refute egoism? Does it show we are not always about self-interest?

Does self-interest fail to be inspiring to society?

Early Church was not the Roman Catholic Church

Ecumenism is Just Hypocrisy

Egoism and Miracles are not as unrelated as some pretend

Egoism and the present and the future

Eight witnesses to the Book of Mormon examined

Elisha, the saintly child killing sorcerer of the Bible

Ellegard shows Jesus probably never lived

Embraced by the light by Betty J Eadie

Emergency baptism is just an outcome of invasive religion

Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties lies that Bible can be infallible

Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties on the New Testament

English hierarchy downgrades the Bible

Equal rights and how silly prejudice is

Erasure of LGBTQ in religion and holy books is abuse

Essay on Acts 17 and idolatry

Essay on how Josephus did not mention Jesus

Essay on how to believe in God requires you believe he judges

Essay on Jesus mythicism

Essay on sacrifice in Leviticus

Examples of dangerous religion

Examples of faith versus reality

Ezekiel 7 refutes lie that God is all sweetness!

Ezekiel's failed fortune telling attempt about Tyre

Ezekiel's false prophecy about Tyre

Getting rid of anger and hate is not forgiveness

How you can be inspired by the alleged "Enlightening" of religious people

Jesus and the Egyptian rival he had

Jesus' enemies could have stolen body

Jesus in the Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties

Jesus is affirmed as supporter of the evil Moses Law

Kat Banyard warns us in his The Equality Illusion

Liberal and Fundie theologian on the Bible

Mark 16 enigmas over how this gospel ends

Olympic Park Bomber was driven by faith

Review: Doherty on Jesus being a myth in Jesus Neither God or Man

St Elizabeth of Hungary an example of female self-hatred

The Bible "egalitarian" texts are twisted for political reasons

The dark side of equality and equal rights

The Enigma of Evil by John Weldon

The epistles of John an insane apostle of Jesus

The lie that people could enter Jesus' empty tomb

The lies that Jesus rose and why Easter is a shrine to them

The notion "End justifies the means" is hardwired into us

The process of elimination teaches us to overthrow religious claims

Was Empty Tomb of Jesus a Legend

What causes religion to harm more than anything else?

What does eating body of Jesus actually mean?

What I posted to Equality Commission against Ashers Bakery

When ego not God answers your prayer

When we can grow babies outside the body in artificial wombs

Why I am not a Buddhist

Why telling somebody you experienced a miracle is about ego

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