A booklet arguing against Jesus living before he was born

Amazon Atheist Book Recommendations

Artificial birth control is a huge sin in Catholicism

Atheism as innate so are we born that way?

Bahai faith is false and promotes unity by causing another division!

Bahai faith refuted by Francis Beckwith

Bahaullah a false prophet and another faith monger

Be better than prayer! You can be and often are!

Being aware of bias and stopping your bias from blinding you

Best Possible World theory and its link to God

Bible against LGBT+ sexual rights

Bible bans women ministers and female authority

Bible commands rabid hate of sin and so did Jesus

Bible Denies Miracles are reliable signs of God at work

Bible evidence that the pope is not the successor of Peter

Bible God cannot make up his mind about himself

Bible God commands murder of the innocent

Bible God Promotes Rape and Jesus did not care

Bible literalism is far from a recent phenomenon

Bible rejects creation, it has a maker God not a Creator

Bible requires death penalty for gays

Bible says don't eat blood so are blood transfusions sinful?

Bible teaches that God does more than just let evil happen

Bible teaches that nothing you do is okay with God

Biology and randomness and why God undermines chance

Biology is endangered by religious fundamentalism

Blame and responsibility for grown-ups

Bodhisattva is the Buddhist version of saviour

Book on Bahai faith makes us sceptical about this religion

Borderline personality disorder and God

Born of water in John 3, does it refer to baptism in water?

Born to Believe a religion study by Newberg and Waldman

Bottom line, religion is at best a baby step to violence and hate

Boxing and violent sports and religion

Breaking faith exposes "saints" by John Cornwell

Brief refutations of Catholicism

Brute fact may do as well as God to explain the universe?

Buddha was no saint but just an average teacher

Buddhism and the selfish notion of the afterlife

Buddhism is too pessimistic to be called a faith

Buddhist Teaching is not very useful or sensible

Burden of proof is on believer in God more than the atheist

Burden of proof is on you if you claim to be rational

Catholic promotion of God is about power and control

Christianity bears twisted attitudes towards birth

Christianity says your baptism anniversary is the birthday that counts

Did Paul say we no longer know Jesus the man?

Does Buddhism sort of justify suicide?

Excellent rebuttal to miracle beliefs

God and you need burdens of proof not burden

God belief makes evil worse

Had Joseph no ancestors except in Bethlehem?

Hitchens and Tony Blair on evil violent scriptures

Holy War and the Bible which fuels it

How the Bible caused terrible racism in the Holy Land

How the Bible sees genocide as mass sacrifice to God

If a brick is about to fall and kill a baby, it gives me a moral imperative to save

Is biological sex what determines your gender?

Is God a brute fact? If so could anything be?

Is there anything loving about the birth control ban in religion?

Jesus' bogus golden rule and its pretence to help

Jesus said there is no mercy for those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit

Know all Bible the book that thinks it teaches science

Lessons from the baby in the burning house

Luke stole from the writings of Josephus

Martha and Mary and Jesus and the better portion

Miracles and the Burden of Showing they are Persuasive

Miracles impossible by definition?

Miracles: Sceptics & believers must concur what solid evidence is needed

Morals of the Baha'i faith examined

No place for blasphemy laws in a modern society

Nobody has right to judge us not God as bringing evil in

Prayers/spells will pass tests if standards lowered enough

Protestantism struggles with bible only doctrine

Real love calls God out for plagues and being evil

Religion and the bystander effect

Religion blames all humanists in some way for the evil done by a few

Religion blames the patient when its quack cures fail

Scholars on the non-bodily resurrection of Christ

Science Bible's Mortal Enemy

St Bridget of Sweden is a role model for religious schizophrenia

The Bible and Abortion Rights

The Bible and contraception, does it forbid it?

The Bible and the atonement of Christ for sinners

The Bible and the charisms and pentecostalism

The Bible blames God for Hell

The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin is now discredited

The Bible corrupts its own text and so is not God's word

The Bible God demands human sacrifice

The Bible is as Evil as Mein Kampf

The Bible on opinion and the danger of opinion

The Bible versus transgender people

The Bible, briefly shown to have neither decency or plausibility

The Bigger the Commitment asked the Bigger the Evidence Needed

The bigger the miracle the bigger the evidence fallacy

The book War and the Gospel

The End of Biblical Studies by Avalos shows why it's a fraud

The link between boredom and religious extremism

The Raelian movement makes grave misuse of the Bible

Thinking with the big questions, God, morality, meaning etc

Was Jesus bipolar or approaching this disorder?

What is a basic belief? When evidence is not everything.

When God does not agree with himself, contradictions in scripture

Why Suffering? A silly Christian book

Would Jesus have been buried in Nazareth?

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