A Study on question if altruism real or imagined

Affirmations as ways of being your self-made ruler of universe

Against Atheism, by Markham opposes Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris

Against Atheism, Rev Ian Markham gaslights about Bible evil

Against Gay Christian Movement and its lies

Against the Mass and why we must stay away from it

Aggregate of Qualities Argument against Existence of God

Agnosticism a look to see if it is sitting on the fence about God

Agnosticism should primarily worry about spirit not God

Ain't Necessarily So, a refutation of Bible archaeology

Aleister Crowley was another dishonest scripture monger

Alive! Newspaper incites hatred against atheists!

All believers in religion have doubts and are insecure

All Religion is Idolatry and is egotistical

All should see miracles to protect us from untruths

All the bishops' men article on clerical abuse by Tom Mooney

Allah is not the same as the Christian God

Altruism a look at the book by Matthieu Ricard

Altruism and your health are not bedfellows

Altruism is bad for your health!

Altruism is not an option for it is too dark and deadly

Amputees are never cured! This plot hole refutes miracles

An Atheist's Values by Robinson shows harm of religious faith

An Atheist's Values on question if we know what is good in itself

An example of schools being asked not to allow anti-abortion propaganda

Anathema is a Catholic curse and a hello to sectarianism!

Anthony de Mello and atheism awareness

Anthony Kenny's ethics from What I Believe

Antiquities of the Jews gives clues about gospel lies

Antisecularist Christianity is always a threat

Antisemitism is woven into the Christian fabric

Antoine Gay is an interesting "possession" case for sceptics

Apatheism or the attitude that you don't care if there is a God

Apollonius of Tyana the other Jesus

Apostles have not passed down powers to the Roman Church

Apostles martyred: mere legend and hearsay

Apostles Testimony to Christ is no good

Apostles would not have thought of transubstantiation

Apostolic fathers only discredited themselves and the church

Apparitions of Lourdes, Fatima & Medjugorje are unconvincing

Arabic version of the Jesus material from Josephus

Archaeology versus Bible Truth Claims

Archer "resolves" Bible contradictions

Are all lies malicious?

Are all Religions the Same?

Are God and related ideas a priori false?

Argument that there is a God from religious experience

Armstrong defends Catholic belief and his arguments fail

Articles refuting God and religion and exposing dangers

Astrology is a scam and a superstition

Atheism in practice is atheism in its own right

Atheism is not a position but a collective, it's positions

Atheism is the default position

Atheist and argument for God from necessity

Atheistic genocide and mass murder?

Atheists have a right to see prayer as vile

Attaching to God is bad so don't love God ultimately above all

Attachment and the idolatry of the heart

Attempts to show Hume's rejection of miracles was erroneous

Attrition a form of Catholic "repentance"

Augustine on eternal Hell and Human Dignity

Autocreation has us ask if creation is automatic or agent based?

Automatic writing shows how faith can be a mind trick

Avalos and the Resurrection of Jesus and Medjugorje

Awareness and time travel and what we can learn

Bible is anti-evolution so its God threatens science

Bible is opposed to the truths of science

Bigoted Religions ban participating in some marriages

Can altruism be limited in how much sacrifice it asks for?

Can an Atheist attend a Christening ceremony?

Can you build a moral theory on altruism?

Can you prove that altruism turns people into fakes?

Christian Apologetics is defending what cannot be defended

Church authentication of miracles is bogus

De Mello on selfishness in his book Awareness

Devotion to ancestors is an interesting pagan practice

Did aliens make us?

Did the apostles steal the Jesus corpse

Evidence and how some atheists approach it as atheists

Firm purpose of amendment never to commit the sin again

Giving all your love to God makes him your God

God as a form of avoidance behaviour

God belief can rise from your need or addiction for approval

Good quotes from An Atheist's Values on thinking

Grant R Jeffrey and the Bible

Homophobia of being anti-same sex marriage

How necessary and important is it to have beliefs?

If we had all the answers, would there be faith?

Is agnosticism innately dishonest and immoral and lazy?

Is Agnosticism the default belief?

Is altruism consequentialist?

Is argument from silence enough to doubt Jesus?

Is there an alternative to Calvinist predestination doctrine?

It is religions with agendas that "authenticate" miracles

It is selfish to look for divine approval

Jesus was the anticlerical revolutionary of his day

Know what altruism is and why calling it selfless love is not enough

Looking at an attempted definition of religion

Many religions are lambs in captivity and lions when able

Miracles are attacked from all sides, not just by evidence

Moral Relativism turns us all against each other and is nonsense

Paul the apostle of credulity and opportunist

Philosophical Proof for Afterlife does not exist

Philostratus writes about the other Jesus Apollonius

Pro-miracle evidence refuted by little contrary evidence?

Religion is a form of avoidance behaviour

Religion is an ingredient of violence, it is like arsenic

Religionists Arbitrarily Choose the Miracles They Believe in

Resurrection of Jesus, like any miracle, is a ahistorical

Review Atheist Universe by David Mills

Review: Affirming Jesus' Resurrection by JP Holding is full of errors

Richard Robinson and his timeless work, An Atheist's Values

Robinson on the state and the perils of equality An Atheist's Values

Robinson writes on human fallibility in An Atheist's Values

Robinson's examination of good in An Atheists Values 1964

Robinson's Treatment of Christ in An Atheist's Values

Roman Catholicism is the world's first officially most sectarian religion

Saying all are sinners has serious dangers

Saying we should believe in hell for we cannot trust Jesus if we don't

Self-Confidence comes first and atheism can facilitate it

Selfless Christian love or unrealistic demand? On Agape.

Should there be an Atheist Identity Politics?

Some excellent quotes from Robinson's An Atheist's Values

Summary of an excellent atheist book An Atheist's Values

Supporters of miracle claims are stopping you looking too closely

The Amalek Mass Murder that God commanded

The atheist can have hope and does have it

The Bible was altered to fool believers

The Gospel of John is Antinomian

The huge percentage of atheist scientists

The insane notion that atheism is a crutch or can be

The motive that led to the formation of Christianity is antisemitism!

The Problem Of Right Conduct and applied ethics

The rejection of supernatural ideas in naturalism

There is a God by Antony Flew former atheist turned Deist

Toxic Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick

Was Jesus in the first story killed in another world?

What are Affirmations and do they really help?

What does the Bible say about the afterlife?

What if an atheist sees evil as unreal or a lack?

What if both parents object to their baby's baptism?

When autism leads to moral responsibility and religion problems

When your atheism becomes your faith

Who is the anointed one in Daniel's prophecy? It's not Jesus!

Why atheism is a form of strength and the best form

Why God belief is unrelated to analytic or synthetic statements

You cannot judge if a person is a relativist





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