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Do we prevent somebody being hurt by superstition or faith by rejecting and challenging those things?  Is it mistaken to support organised religion in membership or donations?


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As for Jesus the misogynist, we are told, “the historic Jesus treated women with respect and consideration, giving them a place among his supporters and even among his nearest disciples and apostles”. That would be shallow of him considering he said it was a sin to revise or soften any Old Testament law in Matthew 5 and a more woman hating law cannot be imagined.

He snapped at his mother at Cana. He was asked by her to help with the wine and he said no and did it anyway as if to say, "I am helping but its my idea not hers."

He let a woman debase herself by washing his feet like she was dirt with perfume and tears and he forgave her sexual immorality. He did not tell her he forgave her and to hold her head up high and that he would wash her feet. Feet washing was the work of a slave.

He told a pagan woman she and her daughter were animals and thus risked racist attacks on her for she was Canaanite. There is no evidence that this was an object lesson and the gospel would say if it were. He praised her faith but this faith was faith as in, "He has the power to do a miracle cure for my daughter". He knew such faith is cruel to encourage as many do not get their miracles.

He disowned his mother in Mark for the whole family including her thought he was mentally disturbed - the crafty gospel does not tell us that in those days insanity was equated with possession. Jesus tried to make out that anybody who thought his exorcisms were satanic tricks was a lost cause guilty of a sin that would never ever be forgiven.

Magdalene is described as the first apostle to see his resurrection and tell the disciples. In the gospel of John, Jesus appears saying to her, 'Do not hold on to me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father. Go instead to my brothers and tell them, ‘I am ascending to my Father and your Father, to my God and your God.’ Some hold that this was only Jesus' spirit. By ascending he is saying the body had not being revived yet where ever it was. Early gospel strata shows that resurrection and exaltation to God's presence, a form of ascension are two sides of the same coin. So she did not see the risen Jesus. He is standoffish with her as if he is all about the apostles and they get a different reception and Jesus supposedly ordains them as messengers who forgive sins and gives them the Holy Spirit. The other gospels only have the women telling the apostles to prepare for seeing Jesus for themselves which makes sense in a culture where women could not count as sufficient witnesses. Luke goes as far as to omit Jesus appearing to the women. Mark has a forged ending where the women speak about the risen Jesus but the original ends with the women saying nothing.

Jesus in an age where underage marriage for girls was the cruel norm. It was a norm that meant most first time mothers died in childbirth as their bodies were not ready. Though women could not divorce, perhaps for many of them were too young to be able to assert themselves, he cruelly banned them from initiating divorce. He blocked any conversation there. He blocked progress.

He did not stand with his own mother who was a mere child perhaps of 11 or 12 who owing to her hardship would have been more like an 8 year old and who was pregnant.

He had no right to even mention the sexual choices of the Samaritan woman to her or tell her her religion was wrong. “Salvation is from the Jews and you worship on the wrong mountain.” She was clearly under the "wrong" patriarchal" authority. Alarmingly Jesus himself was oppressed by his leaders and he wanted women subjected to that! It was patriarchy on steroids in those days.
 When the adulteress was brought to him to see if he would agree with God's law about stoning her, all he had to do was shake his head and walk away for those who wanted to stone her were only a mob and only testing him and could not stone her anyway. But he dragged it out and told her at the end she was guilty of that sin meaning she could have been stoned legally later. He made sure this woman was tormented.

He had a purse and there is no hint that it was ever used to feed any poor woman.

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Patrick H Gormley