Imposter Syndrome is a personality pattern that is characterised by pathological lying in the form of fabricating an identity or a series of identities in order to get recognition and status.

God and religion can get you to step outside of the rules of the world so you can have your inner world with him and the supernatural based on lies and to get recognition and status FROM THEM!  It is an outlet.  Some people are solipsists.  Each individual thinks they alone exist.  Only I exist.   The world I see around me is constructed for me and is about me even if it feels otherwise.  My mind has the power to create this simulation.

When you feel despite your good deeds and great achievements that you are an actor and a fraud.

Religion adds to this problem for it gives you a god to worry about not just what is natural.

It is very persistent and can be hard to treat.

It can force a good person to just stop doing what they do.

It can force a person to hate and shun rewards and praise.

Clance and Imes declared in 1978 article that the phenomenon afflicts women more than men.

It is as likely to happen with ordinary good women as much as with high achieving and successful women.

The notion that there is a God who sees evils in your heart that you don't even know are there could be a catalyst.  That is obvious.  But it needs empirical investigation as well.

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