The ten commandments start off with God saying he is the only god and to use nothing alongside him, eg images or the sun or moon, as a god.  This brings us to the subject of idolatry, making a god of what is not in fact a god.

If you worship God as you want to think he is you are really worshipping an idol.  You invent a version of God for yourself and replace the real God if there is one with this.  Worshipping a God you don't want to exist means your heart is with another version.  It is that you really love so that is idolatry too.

Idolaters are condemned as sinners by God throughout the Bible though they would need to truly believe that statues and the sun and moon or whatever are gods to do that. This condemns sincere belief as sinful. It is impossible for it to be. It can be bad but not deliberately evil so it is not sin. If sincere belief then with good intent is sinful so is belief in God who says he is the one true God. If belief in God is not sinful then God does not care if you believe or not. You can worship the Queen of Sheba for all he cares.
We all consider idolatry to be vulgar and degrading for it treats wood and stone as better than a human person. Catholics adoring wafers at Mass as the body and blood of Jesus Christ (who is God according to them) is evil because it says these wafers are more valuable than a human person while nothing must be allowed to deny the absolute value of the person. The reason persons should be happy is because persons and human life are more important than anything else which is why their happiness is important. Catholics are idolaters for they approve of the reason why idolatry is so bad. They get away with it for too many think their bad attitude is harmless. If you complain they answer that it is different for them to regard a wafer as more important than a person for the wafer really is God and God is the most important person. This answer is a cop-out for the pagan idolaters say their idols are persons. If you are allowed to have a bad attitude then you are allowed to harm for that is what bad attitude is for. We find the Mass extremely offensive and hurtful.

When you love a person, imagine the person as a jigsaw.  Some pieces are not seen.  They are not there.  You never really fully know anybody.  The problem is, the missing piece may be more revealing than the pieces you do see.  You never love or like anybody accurately. You like them through the image you have created of them in your mind. It is the same with God. To make God, God is to make a bigger God of the people who created this perception in you for the revealer is more important and therefore more trusted than the revealed.

It is always idolatry to adore God for it is men and women that invent God.  With God, you cannot meet him for coffee or shake his hand.  So you think you see the jigsaw but you see little or none of it.  This is worse than the problem of knowing a person well.  People have been married for years and realised they do not really know each other.

God is supposedly revealed in visions and prophecy.  Claims of that nature are as plentiful as grains of sand in Spain.  How do you sift?

If you believe an apparition that tells you about God, you believe to gratify your feelings and wishes and not because you think it is telling the truth. It is you, you believe in and in what you want – not the apparition and certainly not what it reveals. Miracles then are not to be desired for they are signs for nothing and you should tell Our Lady if she appears to you to go and do a healing or something sensible with her time instead of selfishly spending time with her.

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