Science says: Science is a methodology - it's a method for checking and re-checking.  Science is a verb not a thing.  Religion is a thing.

Science is based on the work of self-correcting scientists and experimenters. It is not based on what they say but on what the tests show.

Ideology - a system of ideas and beliefs and assumptions that is to be taken primarily on faith. 


The religious attitude is that if scientists claim to have refuted religious doctrines (that is to say the evidence has refuted them) the believer must hold that the scientists are wrong even if that will never become clear.  Faith of that kind and science are enemies.

Science does not choose to believe that the only truth that matters is what which is checked through experimentation and testing. It is forced to. Religion chooses to believe in alleged truth that it says is outside the reach of science.  The problem with that is that a system that is forced to align with truth is better than one that is not and the latter is intrinsically dangerous to truth.  Even when it gives you the truth it might as well not bother for the reason you accept it is for other reasons than that it is the truth.

But how could science search for truth if truth does not matter until it is checked and passes?  The answer is that the search for truth matters and the truth matters when you find it.  Science does not say the only truth is what you can check.   


Science holds that checked and verified truth is the most important truth. 

Religion denies this and says that other ways of knowing things apart from science are just as important and sometimes more.  There is no concern for how a Muslim "knows" Jesus was not God and a Christian "knows" he was God!!!!  Countless examples could be put forward.

Religion is not based on what God says but on what other people say God has said.  Even if God has spoken man has taken over God's voice and it is man you are hearing.  Religion is really about man not God and God is just a bait.  Science demands that experiments not men must get the say.

Science emphasises that the in-between man or woman has to be avoided in favour of learning for yourself.

Religion says: We believe that science is not the only source of truth.  God is more important than anything that comes from science.  God reveals himself and the truth to us.

Answer: Science cannot function unless it considers truth a good thing.  Being good is more important than believing in God.  Science sees truth as more important than God and sees truth as a good.  It is not true that science is always neutral on matters such as God and the fact that you give your life meaning and purpose by being kind frequently to others. Ignoring God is denying that God takes prime place - it denies that God is to be treated as God. 

Religion says:  Science and religion have opposite worldviews.  Science is about truth and not about living a good life.  Religion is about living good.  Religion says your actions are not truly good unless they are done to express worship for God.  Everything you do must be offered to God.

Answer: Science's unspoken methodology is that all things are to be doubted.  It is not scientific to take a scientist's word for it if you can check it out personally.  So science wants its claims doubted and tested before they are accepted.  The supernatural is to be doubted most for it cannot be tested and doesn't happen as much as the natural assuming it happens at all.

Science is about being good in the sense that you do experiments and reason correctly. 

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