Ideas are never sacred! All that matters is what works for you!

Religion declares certain ideas to be sacred. That is you are to believe them and never scorn them. Ideas are never sacred.

Some people say that ideas are made for people and not people for ideas! That may be true. But do not confuse facts and ideas. You can invent ideas to better society but that is all they are - ideas. Facts are not made for people for facts are true whether we want them to be or not.

To scorn religion in your heart and to make fun of it - don't however be offensive to its followers - is a positive affirmation. It stoutly declares that ultimately that it is you that matters not ideas. Religion is an idea. A group of people come together and make ideas sacred and this is religion. Religion is people coming together but it is not people. To make your religion important is error. Leave it and be your own person. Laughter is one of the best things in life - and it can only happen if you make fun of things and are irreverent and even blasphemous! The more outrageous the joke you make out of God, Jesus and religion the better! It is a fabulous cure for any religious conditioning that you may suffer from. It neutralises the power of those negative wolves dressed as lambs.

Religion is a system not people. If people remember that, they will remember that it is not personal when you stop supporting their system and leave it. Then they will honour your right to go. They cannot ask you to put a system before your own right to establish your own identity. The system is not worth more than you.


Come out of religion. Why not? It is a system. You are worth more than a system.

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