Explanation: Science is more than just lab experiments - any kind of open-minded testing counts as science.  It is always human testimony that says if a strange event is a miracle.  What if science examined a wafer that turned into human flesh?  It will not know that a wafer supposedly changed.  Somebody has to tell it.  If people are recovering from incurable illnesses, science will show this.   Unless somebody says it is a miracle of Jesus nobody will even call it a miracle at all.  Science will regard the how as irrelevant and put it down to a mystery so it will not matter if it is told if it is a miracle or not.  Science cannot test a miracle claim.  It can only test the before and after and it is usually only the after that is tested.  Hearsay and testimony is not enough to establish that a brick floated in mid-air as a fluke of nature so how could testimony be enough to establish that the brick floated by magic or a miracle? The latter is a bigger thing and if we have the right to assume testimonies are false just because they are bizarre then we definitely have this right most with supernatural claims.  Flukes of nature can happen but we have no way of being sure the supernatural happens.  This is a paraphrase of what Hume was trying to convey.

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