A miracle is what is not naturally possible. It is a supernatural occurrence. It is paranormal. The Bible speaks of God miraculously making Adam the first man from dirt. It speaks of a miraculous world flood - another miracle is how the scientific evidence challenges and attacks this tale! In fact, believing these stories is worse than believing the statue of Mary down the road came alive and spoke to you. At least, you are going by more than just hearsay and legend.
Miracles are important for believers in God for they are seen as signs from God indicating where religious truth is to be found. The main signs for believers are how God seems to answer prayers and comfort them. So non-obvious miracles are really more important for the message than the obvious miracle.

David Hume said that miracle stories may be true but the problem is that people lie and make mistakes too much with such things.  So they are not believable.

Hume denied that our moral principles and our living out morally is down to us thinking in our heads about what right and wrong are.  We may do the thinking yes but it is not the reason we do moral things.  It is not cognitive. Even if morality should come from reasoning and thinking it does not for us. We only go after it for we want to and because we like moral principles.

Now some of us think morality is purely subjective. Others say that it is not but we treat it as if it is. Whatever. The point I wish to make that if you consider how human nature has to be attracted to helping others, miracles should put people off. If you need a cure from cancer to look after your baby and instead somebody is having a vision of Mary looking for rosaries to be said or God is curing somebody’s wart you will be put off. Those who say they just accept God’s will are going to say that anyway for they don’t want to look like complainers. They don’t want to look like they are trying to take a cure from somebody else for themselves. They fear a God who seems random so that silences them too.  They think he might attack them or deny them a miracle if they say something he does not like.  Religious frauds will sense that and play on it to get people to validate their pretensions. 

Most miracle sites bring people to pray or to look for some kind of cure, often a spiritual one.  There is not enough done to help people.  Miracles then are not inspiring enough good.

A God who knows what we are like will not do miracles for real or not they lead to too many pressures, deceits, fears and problems.  If he does a miracle we are better off trying not to notice.

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