Heaven in Christian belief is the state of being with God and enjoying him forever. It is a state of perfect happiness because God is the source of all happiness. Christianity insists that God only lets the morally perfect into Heaven. But why bother when the virtues are no good there for there is no suffering there? (Revelation 21:4). What God would prudence and fortitude be in Heaven? The doctrine shows how the doctrine of God incites discrimination against doubters and atheists for they are influencing people to stay away from the one source of true happiness: God.
Christians want the happiness not God. But they can't admit that. If they wanted God, they would be willing to be tormented forever to the extreme to help others as long as it meant he was pleased. Christians use the people they charm and help in order to get the pie in the sky.

Hell is its opposite and describes the everlasting punishing for those who die outside of a friendly relationship with God. It is a terrible slur to say that people would throw themselves into such a state forever. None of us could be that bad. You would need absolute proof to make such a terrible accusation. In the absence of such proof it is undeniable that hell is vindictive wishful thinking. It is nasty despite its having being taught by Christ and the Bible, Muhammad and the Koran as revelation from God. People come before faith and not faith before people. Hell suggests different. And Hell is the evil that Jesus (allegedly) rose to promote. The Church says that his Gospel cannot be understood or be even important unless there is a need to be saved from such a dreadfully unspeakable fate. And those who say that instead of Hell we will have everlasting death if we do not do what God wants are only a bit better than their rivals. What is the point in banning hate if you are going to encourage people to intend or wish on some level that if an adulterer or homosexual dies unreconciled to God that they will go to Hell?
The teaching that we make our own Hell and spend all eternity refusing to repent denies that Hell is God punishing us. Jesus will say to the unjust, “Begone from Me, you cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels” (Matthew 25:41). Jesus spoke of it as eternal punishment that he administers.  He does not say, "I want you to be with me instead of going into the eternal fire. It is your choice." Jesus warned people about Hell. It would make no sense to warn people if there was nothing going to put them there or keep them there but themselves! The people in Heaven just look at the inhabitants in Hell and go, "They deserve it and we will not waste compassion on them". It is an insult to your departed loved ones to say they go to Heaven!
The Church says that Hell is your own choice. So the people in Hell supposedly would stay there rather than turn to God. They hate him so much that they cut off their noses to spite their faces forever. Catholics say that atheists are repelled by God because they think he maliciously lets us suffer if he exists. They will go to Hell because they have the attitude that keeps the very Devil himself in Hell. They have the main ingredient of hellfire. The doctrine violates the humanitarian principle that we must avoid having beliefs that attack others.

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