The gruesome miracle of people carrying the crucifixion marks of Jesus does not look like anything good or holy.  It would make you think the Jewish warnings to those who formed the Christian religion that they were inviting bad forces for Jesus was a dabbler in evil magic had a point.  The Bible God condemns dealing with the dead or spirits as a sin for you should find God enough.  If you love God and are all for God you will not need those things.  You will not need magic for his will is your protection in life and suffering and death.

Stigmatist Heather Woods said she got visions of Jesus.  He gave her the marks.  She only spoke about this alleged stigmata when Jesus said she could. Heather was in fact a channeller. She held a pencil and went into a trance and her hand wrote by itself. Like a true spiritualist she came up with a written message from her cleric, Father Eric Eades, after he died! Eades had been a channeller for Padre Pio!

Pio as we know gave no evidence that his stigmata was not just made for show during the rare occasions he had the mitts off and what about the allegations of tampering with young females?

Science only suggests that for a tiny minority who exercise extreme religious feeling the marks may appear. This suggests that the mind can programme the body to produce red marks or whatever. Gaping wounds seem to be a part of mythology. Nobody has been proven to have had them. Science recognises something called psychogenic purpura where the person bleeds without having being injured. Bruises have appeared on victims of physical abuse during therapy as they relive what they suffered. Munchausen Syndrome may help as well as it is is when the person wants to be wounded by psychological means or become ill.

Heather said, 'I found myself on the cross with our Lord. I wasn't with him as if it were the two of us; I felt myself within him, looking out.' This sounds like a multiple personality disorder where she and Jesus are the same person.

To the horror movie addict you would think Jesus' evil spirit is possessing her....

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