Miracle believers presuppose that God is right to cure John and let everybody else dies if that is what happens. They presuppose the problem of evil does not refute the love of God.  Some claim to be healed for they went to a healer.  God reacted by curing them.  If the healer is a fraud then it is a vile thing to play on how some are left to suffer while he takes advantage of how some think they get healing though others don't no matter what prayers they say or no matter how many holy places and healers they go to.  Now if God is not really healing some people but we think he is then we are as bad.  Our religion is as bad.

Jesus was regarded as healer - exorcism can be considered a form of healing.  It is always people who were sick that Jesus exorcised.  The relatives decided it was a demon and Jesus went along with it.  Even if possession and exorcism made sense this version does not.

We do not know if Jesus regarded illness as real or as just a symptom of a form of possession.  We don't know if his healings should be distinguished from exorcisms.  There are stories of epileptics being treated by him as possessed just for falling. 

Jesus never sought out anybody to cure them despite his alleged compassion.  No miracle was done unless somebody could know about it.  Worse, when dealing with lepers and mental illness not one thing is done or said by him to address the systemic problems that cause or spread these problems in the first place.  What about people who crawled in agony out of their sick beds for help and he had already passed through the town? You need to keep looking at this through the big picture and it is not pretty.  If a man treated sick people that way we would treat him as a narcissistic magician not as a truly good man.  But Jesus gets a free pass to treat people like that and is worshipped as God for doing so.  If people did not think they could get special treatment from Jesus that leaves others in want would they bother with him at all?  Do they have the same kind of selfish faith that drove the pagans even to sacrifice their babies to their gods in the name of hope - a hope that wanted a magic advantage in a ruthless world? 

Many witnesses of the alleged miracles of Jesus said he was using demons - ie magic to get the demons out.  How intuitive!

Already we have shown that if the stories about Jesus are true and demons are real that the heavy burden of proof to show that this man was truly innocent of being in league with evil forces and dark magic rests on the shoulder of the Christian.  If they want the right to worship him they have to take the responsibilities that go with it as well and do the homework and show it to us.

Most healers have and done claimed some direct or indirect link to Jesus.  Spiritualists may not recognise Jesus as central but as one of many spirits who fuel their own powers of healing.  That is regarded as cause for pride and consolation but we have shown it clearly is not!  A paranormal researcher might be forgiven for thinking that the healings are of short term benefit and really a way of letting some crafty evil power into your life.

Whoever lies that a miracle healing has happened when it has not been verified or in some cases even checked is as good as giving false hope. Real hope means being grounded in reality otherwise it is just foolishness.

Faith healing appeals to those who need and want simple answers to their health problems instead of the complexities of medicine.  That is why even if healers help some the good they do is overridden by the risk they create.

Catholics say Jesus gave seven sacraments to heal the soul - for example baptism removes original sin and confession takes say the sins you actually commit.  Sacramentalists are the only real faith healers. They claim to be able to cure spiritual ailments such as carelessness with prayer and so on. Unlike faith healers as in health, they are faith healers as in faith. And as nobody sees spiritual healing they can claim what they want and get away with it. The victim is blamed if the cure does not work.

Reason says to be very concerned about cures that are imputed to a God who your eyes say is acting too selectively and who is provoking fear by healing one in a million.  And one whose healing recommendations involve risking blaming the victim for the failure.  A placebo based on that is going to start undoing itself and doing further damage down the line.

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