Comedian Refers to Communion As “Haunted Bread,” Priest Files Complaint with Irish Government

Assuming that the Catholic dogma is true that if you are a bishop then you have to have the right intention to ordain a priest or to turn bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ then it will happen that times this fails to take place through a defect of intention. The Church annuls a lot of marriages on the grounds that the marriage was not entered into with genuine freedom. It would be the same with many ordinations to the priesthood. Many enter it because they feel they are gay or because their families coerce them. Some want to pretend to help people while feeding them religion that they secretly believe is insidious poison. The latter was my reason. Some priests are really atheists and never intended to be validly ordained. In other words, ordinations should be annulled as well as marriages. The result is that if Jesus put the Eucharist of transubstantiation into the hands of the priests he would have been exposing the people to the danger of adoring a Eucharist that was not his body and blood at all. Considering the absolute horror with which the Bible consistently regards the crime of idolatry it is improbable that this risk would have been taken. Either Jesus will consecrate the bread and wine himself without needing a priest or we will not receive the true Eucharist until after the resurrection.

The Bible says that man is totally depraved and hates God though he fakes service and love to him (Romans 1, 3) and that is why trying to earn salvation through the Law of Moses as the Jews do is so futile. How then could God expect us to trust priests to turn bread and wine into Jesus? Evil men like others to be as bad as themselves so they would be eager to fake the transformation so that their flock would be deprived of divine aid and fall into vice. A God with intense aversion to idolatry would hardly set up such a scheme.

The haunted bread idea came about in a joke in Ireland.  The doctrine around the Eucharist offends reason.  Children probably see communion as haunted bread anyway and maybe many adults do as well.  The whole sacramental scheme is a joke and priests worry about the haunted bread jest?

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