Hate sin with the sinner - a step to loving sinner and hating sin?

Hate is natural. Hate serves a purpose in extreme circumstances when you need to eradicate an enemy to save yourself or your family. In combat, you are going to lash out instead of trying to mindfully do the “moral” thing. If you pause to care about moral you will be slaughtered. Those who say they hate nobody are either not aware that they do or they are lying. If you see hate as natural rather than as a moral outrage you will be willing to listen to the enemy better and you will be less willing to demonise the enemy. And many people feel they need to hate somebody in order to love their family and friends better. Many feel that hate and love need to go together in this way.
Religion claims you must forgive and love the sinner but hate the sin.
It calls itself good because of that teaching. But it is aware that some people have to feel a murderous hatred for the evil person before they can start moving on. That takes the sheen off. That shows the hypocrisy.

Religion tells us to see a person as a sinner but not to judge them. Instead we are to love them and hate their sin. This is wholly useless advice. It is like saying, "John is bad and John is not bad." It only seems to work because people tend to be easygoing about most sins that others commit. But giving the impression of obeying the advice is not the same as actually obeying it.
Hating the sinner and hating the sin could be seen as being half way there to loving the sinner and hating the sin. Thus the believer will have to praise it in so far as sin is hated. It will be applauded as being better than caring about neither sinner or sin. If you believe loving sinner and hating sin is possible, you will nevertheless have to admit that some people need to hate both first. It is dishonest of religion not to admit that. Its law about loving the sinner is just a smokescreen to make religion look good.
The Church says we are commanded by God to love sinners and hate sins. Command implies - obey or be punished. How could you possibly live all your life under such a threat? Even if you could love sinners and hate sins, that threat will embitter you and make it impossible.
A sin is an act that ideally should draw down suffering and punishment. To love the sinner because of the sin in the sense that you see the sin as harmful to them is impossible. That is really hating the harm and not the sin. It would mean that if sin is evil and a crime that to not care about sin as crime implies not caring or really loving the person. Hate lurks in the shadows!
To love the sinner in spite of the sin implies you are trying to force yourself to love and you are on the edge of hating the person with the sin.  Love the sinner and hate the sin translates as, "I want you to be happy and only if you give up the sin. I will not make you happy in the sin. If I am good to you it is to help you give the sin up." If it was stated like that people would see through it. But it suits religion to lack transparency.
Hating the sin with the sinner is a step to loving the sinner and hating the sin if possible. It is a necessary step. So religion is guilty of incitement to hatred when it condemns sin. 

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