Do not Hate Your Sin, Sin in General or Anybody's Sin


Hate is always vindictive. It means you wish evil on someone or even something. Christians say they love sinners and hate sins. Emotionally they wish they could hurt the sins and return evil for evil. The point that you can't literally hurt sins does not mean you can't want to.

Jesus asked you to hate sin so much that you would rather lose an eye than sin by looking at a sexy person with it. Religion asks you to hate sin. If you hate people or sinners or sins or anything, all you are doing is inflicting hatred on yourself. The hatred is inside of you and torturing you and not the person or thing hated. If you hate a person who you perceive as really really evil, your hatred does nothing to hurt them. If you erupt and you attack them it was your failure to control the hatred not the hatred itself that led you to do so. To hate anything is to hate yourself. This is even more so if religion asks you to hate a sin but not the sinner. Hating what isn't even alive or a thing is extreme. And very irrational. We don't believe in sin. But for a second let us pretend that we do. The hating of sin urges you to sin yourself because you can't hate any sin unless you have done it yourself. It is an affirmation inviting the impulse and power to commit the sin into your life.

It is impossible to hate unless you fear. Religions of karma, Gods who punish, Gods who use people's sickness to do good and God's who let people go to Hell for all eternity are giving us more stuff to fear as if we haven't enough without those beliefs! They thereby encourage hate. Realise that FEAR is False Evidence Against Reality or False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is a liar and so hate, its child, it's a liar too. Fear and hate are the enemies. Hate nothing and hate no one. Mild dislike is reasonably harmless.

Jesus didn't atone for your sin. Nobody can. There is no sin. That is why nobody can atone. There is no saviour from sin. Save yourself. Do not make the wrong you do more powerful by believing that you insult Jesus by it. Do not make sin more powerful by thinking that it requires him to atone for your sin by dying on the cross for you. Do not accuse yourself of being a murderer of Jesus!

It is claimed that if you oppose evil, you must be a good person. Whoever does not oppose evil but who lives a good life is not really good. He or she has a bad dark heart.

Religion agrees. It says that is why it is necessary to hate sin in yourself and others. Hating sin is not very nice or happiness inducing. Moreover, if somebody's sinning upsets you, it will lead to more upset in time. You will fear being upset again. It accumulates. Hating sin would be evil for hate means that if sin were able to suffer you would make it suffer. It is personal ill-feeling in a hypothetical but real sense. It seems fake to direct ill-feeling and rancour away from the sinner to the sin. It's artificial and self-righteous. But religion might keep maintaining that it is a necessary evil for the alternative is worse.

There is no sinner and there never has been. Sin is an illusion.

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