Founded in Australia in 1957 by Catholic priest, Cornelius Keogh, GROW is a God-based "support" system for people with mental health problems.

Typically it blames the victim not God,

"We gave too much importance to ourselves and our feelings." 

"We grew inattentive to God's presence and providence and God's natural order in our lives".  

"We lost all insight into our condition."  

All these things in effect blame lack of faith for contributing to mental illness and try to make the person feel it is up to others to define her or his illness and not her or him.  False hope is offered too, "We surrendered to the healing power of a wise and loving God."  These answers to the problem are to be expected and are absolute proof that religion does not help with mental illness.  People involved with GROW are in recovery anyway and it is to the success of mental health care and to people confiding in each other that GROW does not wreak more destruction than it should.  And if it destroys it can blame lack of faith and the participants' alleged immaturity.

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