God commands that a woman grabbing a man's privates to stop him hurting her husband must be punished by having her hand cut off


Theologian JP Holding speaking of how the Bible God commands that a woman who grabs her husband’s assailant's testicles to defend him must have her hand cut off tries to make out the reason is that she is trying to injure the man and render him infertile. He says infertility was such a grave evil in those times that the punishment was in keeping with the crime.
First we learn what kind of person Holding is and what kind of person anybody who respects the Bible is.
Second the rules mention nothing about infertility and the notion that a woman could hurt men that way is far-fetched. Even if many women tried few would succeed.
Third, her motive is to defend her husband and she has to lose her hand for that!
Fourth, no matter what she is up to cutting her hand off is draconian.
Fifth, the text implies that adultery is so bad that even a woman grabbing a man's bits not in a sexual way is a grave crime. This is the stuff of which religious condemnations of sexual urges and wet dreams are made!
Sixth, what happens to her if she does reach for the man's bits for a thrill? Is she decapitated then?

Seventh, why is the rule needed for surely not even one woman in a million had to think about grabbing somebody's privates to defend her husband?

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