Why the gospels are insane

The risen Jesus was a hoax. Yet this Jesus was similar in all respects as regards teaching and sobriety and things you might not expect somebody to make up to the Jesus who the gospels say ministered and died. Examples. The pre-crucifixion Jesus taught things no less outrageous than the risen one did. The pre-crucifixion Jesus taught that we must turn the other cheek and the risen one teaches that we can pick up snakes and be bitten and not be affected. The risen Jesus appears to a few. You might expect a liar to say he appeared to more than that. But the pre-crucifixion Jesus did not like to show off his miracles and only a few really knew him. Basically, if one was made up so was the other. Was the risen Jesus a hoax? Yes for the tomb may have been found empty and even the gospels don’t say if it was impossible that the body may have been only seemingly put there, sneaked out when nobody at the funeral party was looking, and they even say that the tomb was open before the women got there that morning. That means the body could have been stolen. So we have only apparitions of Jesus to disprove the theft idea. Clearly the idea of resurrection wouldn’t have taken off without apparitions of Jesus and yet most theologians hold that apparitions are unreliable. Protestant theologians question the apparitions of Mary at Medjugorje and Lourdes and Fatima. They note the contradictions between these and the apparitions experienced by other honest people. This tells them that apparitions are not enough. You can get the testimony of reliable people to the miraculous origin of the heretical Book of the Lord by Mormon Prophet James Jesse Strang. You can get the testimony of good and reliable people that they had some experience with aliens who gave them a purpose in life and urged them to do good for others. Apparitions because one contradicts the other, raises the question of why Jesus doesn’t just appear to us all. Even if he did, it wouldn’t be forcing us to believe.

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