The Gospels reflect the religious propaganda used by the Romans to endorse Caesar as divine Lord

As evil as the Roman system could be, it had a good side in order to consolidate its power. Being as obviously evil as you can be is self-defeating. So if you evilly use good you will be better off. The Romans sought and laboured for the pax Romana. This objective of peace was their big commandment. It sold the Roman product so well that the Pharisees in Israel ended up collaborating with the Romans despite the clear precepts laid down by God hat Israel was to be ruled by Jews.

The Caesars were turned into gods. The Romans circulated stories about the healing powers of the Roman emperors and their wisdom. They were given a mythology that proclaimed them to be divine Lords and to have the answer to empire problems.

Not one of the four gospels was intended for a Jewish audience. They were intended for a Roman one. Nobody wrote a gospel for the Jews. It is true that Matthew is very Jewish but it is still not addressed to Jews. Christians at the time did practice Judaism.

Some argue that the four gospels would have been seen as treasonous for following the same genre as that which produced the “gospel” of the Caesar.
There are two ways to take that.

One that the gospel writers chose stories about Jesus that were true but were using history to parody the Caesar stories. Unlike the latter, the Jesus stories were true.

Two that the gospels are mythological.

There is no evidence at all that the gospels are history.

In Romans 1, Paul goes as far as to say Jesus is the only Son of God which is a dig at Caesar who claimed divine sonship.  The gospels too are full of digs.

That shows that they were treasonous and it was treasonous to distribute them which support the view that they were not widely published and so the authors had great freedom to lie.  They had more freedom than the miracle narrators of the Caesar faith had to lie.  Gospel lies match the lies told about the Caesars in many respects.

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