Is not the worship of God an attempt to suppress the fact that the only god in your life is you? We all have different feelings programmed into us. We cannot control them. If I enjoy chocolate, I just like it and have not made myself like it. So when I eat chocolate to make myself happy, I am manipulating my own feelings for they establish boundaries that I have to try and get around. But I am not to blame for the boundaries or responsible for them. Thus I cannot take full responsibility for the kind of person I am. But I like it this way. I like not be totally free to respond to a God. Religion argues that I have free will in order to give myself to God. But I don't have it and don't want it. Thus I am my real God.
It is your desires that are important to you - not the thing desired. For example, the wife who adores her necklace in reality adores how it makes her feel. Maybe there are good memories associated with it! In other words, what is important is not what you think you want but you wanting it. That is because it would mean nothing without the wanting. To get something you desire fulfils your feelings. It is this fulfillment you want not the thing itself. Denying this is the lie on which all religion depends and we all know it’s a lie. For example, religion says stuff like that we want God or want Jesus and want to pray. Our feelings are our idols - religion is not about God no matter how much it bangs on about him. It lies about its idolatry and godlessness. Therefore religion has no right to cause the divisions and suspicion and guilt and fear that results from its teachings. Religion is bad and the good it does cannot justify it for it exists only because people lie to themselves and each other. So would it be wrong to think that “Good” like that serves only to enslave and exploit for the men of God are not interested in God at all?
If you see the danger of God and religion from pondering these questions then please consider joining a humanist organization. Or at least cut all ties with religion and do not support the clergy in any way for ultimately they are to blame for all the evils carried out by religion.  The goodness of religious people is human goodness - and it appears in spite of their faith in God and not because of it. It is a fallacy to look at caring Catholics and conclude that they are good because they are Catholics. It's insulting to a person - whether they see it or not - to embrace that fallacy.
Believers in God are indirectly pleasing themselves in the guise of pleasing God 
Fact – You like even the most unpleasant tasks in the sense that you feel you have to do them for it is only right so you like them to some extent and this liking causes you to do them.
Fact- You can only focus on one thing at a time. Therefore the desire you have this moment causes you to do what you do in this moment. Examine yourself.
Fact – Liking means finding pleasure in something. When you say you choose what you mean is you do what you like or desire to do under the circumstances. To do it is to fulfill yourself to some degree – it is to satisfy your desire. Desire is behind everything you do for without desire you wouldn’t have what you call choice and you wouldn’t be able to act without desire. This is not an assumption, all admit and know that when we do something it is always in response to some desire. Desire means being after some kind of fulfillment.
Therefore – everything I do no matter how altruistic it looks is done for self-indulgence. When I help another person and suffer for them without any gain for myself, and not even to feel good after, I am doing it solely because my desire to help them is being fulfilled. I am helping them to fulfill myself NOT to help them. Altruism is a lie. The alternative, the view that we are self-centered and can’t be other than that, is true.
We are not suggesting that everybody does what they do because they want something like praise or money or to feel good about themselves. We are suggesting that doing a good act is its own reward. The reward is in relieving the desire by doing it. We do all we do for relief of a desire and not necessarily for anything else. To deny this is to deny that desire has anything to do with wanting something which makes no sense.
I am only after my own pleasure so I am my own God and should live as if there were no God. God even if he exists cannot blame us for that because he made us like that. Be secular, be happy for that is the only way you will be able to help yourself and others. Because I treat myself as if I am my God, whether I admit it or not, for me to bend the knee to any God outside me is hypocrisy and deceit.
This truth is often disguised today as the advice, “You can’t love [be good to others] unless you love yourself.” So all goodness starts with self-love and putting yourself first so that in helping others you are pleasing yourself. If you are not happy in yourself and with yourself you cannot help make other people happy. Religion is totally unnecessary and a neurosis. Prayer and sacraments have never dispensed with the need for psychologists, psychiatrists and self-development.
We call on reasonable people to depart from the Church and have their names taken off its membership rolls. Give it no money. We are all atheists in the deepest recesses of our hearts so let us pretend no longer. Who really believes any of the religious doctrines we have refuted above? Do you not feel that you have known all this stuff all along? Do not inflict religious delusion on yourself.  Do not go to a system that wants you to suppress the truth about yourself and what you think so that you can go along with what it says about God.

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