God Shaped Hole OR do we have a need for God?

Christians, Jews, Muslims and Mormons endlessly prattle on about the need for God and use it to sell their religious ideologies and draw people in and keep members in.

When people talk about a God-shaped hole they are lying. If you have such a lack all you need to do is start praying to the something, to the mystery. You don’t need detail. You need support and you need a committed relationship to God. But if people were doing that and if it is so easy then why are they not filling the hole? The answer is that the divine is not enough. They want a religion – they want a religion to have alleged truths (in reality myths) about God. It is not God they want but a version and that is where religion steps in. The pagans are idolaters for worshipping Gods that are not gods and therefore they are wasting their time depending on them when they would be as well off using tarot cards. Also if the gods are real but they are just worshipped because the believer just wants to think they exist and it's not about the gods but what the believers want then that is no better.  It is still an idolatrous intention.  Believers that ignore God for an interpretation of God want a God to suit themselves as if it does good to live in fantasy land. And are they really great judges of what is best for them and therefore others? (others are influenced by us no matter what we do or don’t do). We mostly get it wrong about what is best for us and what we really want.  Also, those who intend to make a fantasy the centre of their life prove they are far from able to judge what is best. 

It is not a God shaped hole those people have. It is a Catholic shaped hole, an Anglican shaped hole, a Mormon shaped hole, a Hindu shaped hole, an LGBT God shaped hole and the list never ends. Even if one of these does have the truth about God the fact remains that we are just lucky. As far as we know, any of the other holes could be better for us or the right one. Our intention is still to make this about us and not God as he truly is.

Sartre says we have a god shaped hole for we want to be god.  In a sense, if you let your desires tell you what God should be and what he is then that is indeed you making yourself a God and the creator of the creator.  That is your intention.   I would say that as each person seems to know better than God what God wants the worship of God is really an idol.  Idolatry is just a way of man trying to control what is thought of God and what God should do.

To talk about the God-shaped hole is to say that God makes all people need him for he calls all into an intimate friendship with him.  It accuses those who say they do not sense any loss without God or without faith in him of lying or of being damaged.  It is fundamentally bigoted and arrogant.  The one reason for embracing God is not a reason at all but a disgraceful enterprise. It implies nothing good about belief in God or religion.

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