Why is God important? For he is morality and is the authority telling us to be moral. He gets his authority to do so because he is morality. Nobody pretends to understand or make sense of how a being can be morality! It is like saying your dog is his body weight. So it is a trick. It shows neither concern for morality or for people who need morality.
Jesus did more than make God important. God is to be the all - you give him total commitment and turn all other commitments into subcategories of your commitment to God. That is why you cannot love God without loving the neighbour for the neighbour is loved by God and God wants you to respect that for respecting his love is respecting him.
Talk about God and morality being identical or inseparable is really talk about God owning morality.
Or God owning me as a moral agent. And you. So then he is in a position to tell us that it is right to treat us one way and wrong to treat us another.
Does God own morality for he says so or because some law gives him ownership? Does God own my moral side for he says so or because some law gives him ownership?
The Christian answer is that he owns me for it is his nature to own. But if I can own then it is my nature not to own but to it is my nature to consider the option to own. I am not made to own but I am made to take it or leave it.

Having something does not necessarily give you ownership.

God does not really own morality so he has no right to decide that a sin can be really put in the past. If he forgives it is not REAL forgiveness but a matter of trying to be pragmatic. It is, "Maybe I have to let it go. I do not know."

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