The lie that takes most committed believers to Church is now about to be exposed.

Church is pointless unless it is the congregation getting together to thank God for his deeds for them both as individuals and as a collective.

People keep assuming purpose or divine purpose means the best is done for everybody. This is rubbish. Worse, by everybody they include themselves!  If things work out that you cannot give Person/Group A benefits without depriving Person/Group B then it’s the luck of the draw. God just makes a random choice. Belief in God is not about comfort and cannot be. The comfort is in your head and if you can make it out of a lie you can make it without one. And should.  Empower yourself.  That example empowers others and that potentially means benefits for you.  Do it.

Is God choosing purposes randomly for it is impossible to please or benefit every person? In actual fact, purpose is purpose and that may indeed be the case. The universe is so vast and time so long that the purpose has to be very complicated. It shows the arrogance of those who celebrate his plan and purpose. They really are making it about themselves. And they may think his purpose is for them but it might not be. If God gives you health that does not mean he necessarily thinks he should as far as you are concerned. It means if you thank him you are telling him what he should think. You cannot thank God without speaking for him but who are you to speak for a God in this way? John speaking for Joseph when Joseph didn’t ask him means that no matter how well meaning John is, John is a cheat.

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