God is a murderer according to the Bible

A God who is not like a person can take life without being a murderer or being seen as one.  Even dogs cannot murder.   But a God who is an exalted man – such as in Mormonism – or one that is not like a person but who becomes a man in Jesus Christ – as in Christianity – is definitely a murderer.  He is all the other terrible things that you can call a man who lets bad things happen to people.  He is a paedophile by proxy for he is the reason paedophiles have the desire to abuse and often cannot get rid of it.

A commandment from God says not to murder.  If you want to kill you can console yourself that God will murder anyway. 

Uzzah was killed on the spot by God for putting his hand out to steady the ark. The context is that the ark was not treated with dignity by the people and the rules God laid down for how it was transported were not respected. So it is argued that Uzzah crossed a line and God made him an example for the people. It was done in front of all Israel. Christians say that as disobedience led to things such as warmongering and weakened Israel so that its enemies could harm it that God’s intolerance for changing the rules was justified. Disrespect for the ark implied disrespect for the entire law of Moses that came from God for the ark stood for it and the commandments were kept inside it.  But the fact remains that not a line of the Bible says God was picking on Uzzah over all that.  Even if he and they were disrespectful, maybe his putting his hand out could have been a start to more respect for the ark.  What do believers want him to do?  Let it fall?

God’s angel murders 185,000 in an Assyrian camp according to 2 Kings 19:35.

God murdered people through Samson for God gave him the magical strength he had.  The magic was lost when Samson's hair was cut.

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