Many agree with the statement, "It has been found by many that if you do not believe in God then it is hard to defend absolute morals. Absolute morals being understood as saying this act is wrong/right for everybody at every time and every place."

Assume that is true.

Now God then functions as a crutch so the end result is an absolute morality that could be abusive. If you cannot defend morality and haul in something to prop it up that is not supporting morality. The result is called objective morality but it is not when it cannot stand for itself and needs a crutch. It is refusing to be honest and it is asking people to impose nonsense on themselves.

An absolute morality like that could end up leading to anything. Maybe the pagans thought it was absolutely right to burn children in honour of Moloch.

Morality is a collective matter. It is not for individualists. Thus if your morality or the only possible morality is one that is flawed then you cannot say, "The pagans and what they did has nothing to do with me." It does. It is evil of you not to admit it. You should say, "The pagans show what darkness lurks in all of us without exception. We may reject what they did but we are still tainted by it. The link is morality and we are part of that link so we are still linked to them."
There are those who say God is morality and when you say God you mean morality or when you say morality you mean God. What we have learned then is that this is just using a prop in a different way. And its intensified. Anyway about about saying God is morality? Even if you do not realise it you are making the following mistake. You think that as God is bigger than you and morality feels as if it is bigger than you that the two are the same. This is illogical. The king and the queen are greater than you but that does not mean they are the same thing.

If morality is not God and if morality is independent of God and even God is not as big as it is, morality is bigger than me.  If morality is God it is bigger than me but in a different way.

Let us compare.

Morality that is not God is bigger than me and him.  I can judge him if I think he is not adhering to it.  I am in a sense equal to God.  I can be his judge.

Morality that is God is making God and morality both bigger than me.

It is obvious that the first one seeks to affirm me as a responsible being and the latter threatens me with some kind of dictatorship.  It may be a benign one but benign dictatorships should always be considered deceiving.  With all the suffering and the hate God creates, somebody has to create hate in us even if we want to hate, this does not look very benign.  We should call it a suspect dictatorship at best but we must remember that we would not say that if it were some human ruler who was at the helm.

Not only is it bad to turn God into a prop for it undermines morality and what it means bringing God into it destroys morality other ways.  It insults our dignity.

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