Is Faith in God a necessary evil or a good thing?

Atheism does not need to consider if evil is part of the ultimate. It says evil is created by our brains. It is real but does not exist without brains. Maths and love and other things do not exist until brains exist. To ask if evil is part of the ultimate as in being part of God is a massive ask. It does not matter if you mean malicious evil or evil as in a necessary evil. Christianity holds that God uses evil when it is necessary so God is not all-good in the sense that he tolerates evil. To assume lightly that there is a God when it raises such serious questions is evil. You need to believe in God for hugely serious reasons when belief makes such big questions arise. They are questions that are evil if there is no God.
If there is nothing but the absolutely perfect God, then surely if he creates anything the result cannot be as great as he is. To create is also to degrade. Would a truly good God not create at all? The Christian answer is that no matter what he makes it will be shabby compared to him so it is not his fault so he can create. So that would make creation a necessary evil.
God supposedly gives us free will so that there might be a good consequence: love.
If you imagine a choice between good and God, then choose good.
The believers say there can be no good without God. But that is beside the point. If there were, then what comes first? Goodness. The hypothetical is not a mere thought experiment. It impacts on the kind of person you want to be. If you would kill for money that may be hypothetical but it does not make you any better as a person. It makes you bad.
Goodness in a sense is a part of God thus it can exist without God. In theory, my hand is a part of me and could still exist without me existing.
If evil exists and God needs it, it could be that you will suffer forever because it is needed to save others. All you will have is the love of God which will mean nothing to you if you are in the throes of agony forever. What is the point of God loving you when it will do you no good? Why does it matter? If it matters even then, then his power does not. It cannot save you or help you. If his power does not matter then God does not matter for God is power. All you need is a being filled with love no matter who it is or what it is. What if you love God you love him because he is a person and not because he is God? Any person then should do.
Believers in God risk condoning the evil of God even if they have good answers for why an all-good God allows evil to happen. They cannot prove they are right for they are not God. If the answer is that evil is punishment is a good one that still does not mean evil is really God's vengeance. The risk of condoning makes belief in God a necessary evil in the eyes of the believers. But atheists see it for what it is - an unnecessary evil. Atheists want people to be honoured by saying that if you could stop the evil that happens to them you would and you don't care about divine plans but about them and that you would wreck God's plan if you could and if it meant people would be happier.
God kills. He takes life. If he doesn't then he is not God, he is not the being without whose permission nothing can take place. If you believe in God you have no right to say that say Islamists or Mormon fundamentalists are wrong to kill in the name of God. Even if they are not members of the true faith, who are you to say that God didn't give them permission to kill? A God who has the right to kill has the right to delegate that right. Faith in God has logically dangerous consequences. God is not something to be celebrated or happy about. At best God is a necessary evil.
If say the USA vanquishes Islamic terrorists people will say it is self-defence and right in the eyes of God. But if you believe in God and destroy people for thinking God authorised them to kill you are just as much of a terrorist as them. At least they are not hypocrites.
God and the notion that evil and suffering are part of a bigger plan go together. God is supposed to hate evil but has to tolerate it out of regard for our free will. And if evil comes, he puts up with it only because he intends to bring good out of it so that it is worth putting up with it.
The risk of evil is an evil itself. Belief in God involves seeing evil of this kind as ultimately necessary. If there is a God then all evil exists because evil is a necessary evil. Even evil that is unnecessary in itself is necessary in the general sense.
To give evil such justification can only be a necessary evil if the justification can be proven. Beliefs and opinions and guesses are only excuses for agreeing with the violence. You need proof. People are condoning the suffering in the universe whey they have no proof that it should be allowed to happen.
Christendom says there is no goodness unless it is done to work out a relationship with God. But what about atheists who do good works? They are condemned for their goodness without God. Blaming them means that God or an interpretation of him matters and good does not! God is an unnecessary evil in that light.
Religion argues that God loves you therefore you must love God back and love is defined as obeying him. This is a terrible non-sequitur. God is made out to be an authority entitled to love. Obeying authority is not love but a necessary evil.
We are told to love the sinner and hate the sin to please God. How could such love be real when your underlying doctrine is that God loving you is a reason to love him?
It is not fair to punish a person except in so far as they know that what they did was wrong. So knowing and being certain of morality matters more than being sure of God.
We are told we have free will because of God and not in spite of him. So it follows that even when we freely reject him, we are still in his plan and he must be trying to bring good out of evil. Armies of terrorists feel that their evil will bear fruit. It is a pity that they and believers in God are not less confident that good will triumph.
Leibniz said this is the best of all possible worlds. This view cannot be refuted by evil for we cannot see the whole picture. Some say that though it is true God lets evil happen for the sake of a better and stronger good he has given us free will with which we really can ensure that it is not the best of all worlds. But many say that in a sense it still is the best of all worlds for freedom is a good thing.
The best of all worlds idea is inseparable from belief in God. It is bad because it means we see the world as the best when it is not. It is grudging - it says be happy with what you have for it could be worse and is not. This would be a very negative form of happiness. Rather than it being spontaneous and natural you have to force it by reminding yourself that you could be worse! This form of happiness cannot and will not last.
Belief in God is idolatry. Why? Because believers usually pretend that God is the ultimate source of goodness and love that you need a relationship with. But belief in good is the basis of belief in God for believers. Thus they judge what God represents and worship that perception of God. God is God if he exists and your perception of God is not God. People judge God as good and worship what they think he is or what they want him to be. It is about them not God which is why this attitude when babies suffer terribly is so criminal and shocking and repulsive.
They say God never punishes or hurts anybody and you punish or hurt yourself by damaging or breaking this relationship. That is contradicting the rule that a belief is only good and should only be respectable if it will not harm anybody should it prove to be untrue. It is accusing people of hurting themselves by rejecting God but God is only a matter of faith.
Belief in God is a necessary evil at best. We atheists know it is in fact a useless evil. God is an idol made in the heart of man so attached to evil both in its form as necessary evil and as unnecessary evil.
We are not talking about belief in God now. Even God himself would be a necessary evil for he implements it.
Why spend so much time listing all the unnecessary evils that come with faith in God? Well they are not all listed. And the God concept makes a laughing stock of right and wrong for it is rife with unnecessary evil. Even if there is a God, what is worshipped by man is a conglomeration of unwanted and futile evil dressed up as necessary evil and even as goodness.

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