Christian doctrine of free will incorrectly assumes that love is voluntary
The will is the faculty we have with which we seem to make choices. It is either free or unfree. If there could be hidden forces controlling you though you think they are not then nobody and not even yourself can accuse yourself of having done anything deliberately wrong. So the choice is between unfree will and free will.
The Church says that God is not to blame for evil because we chose evil of our own free will. It says God gave us this freedom and he was right for he wanted us to be able to love and love is voluntary. Free will assumes that love is voluntary which means that we can do evil. But can we mean to do it?
We only do evil when we are attracted by some good in it. It is not the evil that attracts us. The believers in free will claim that God gave us free will so that we could decide between good and evil. They should say in other words good and less good. We don’t like evil at all. When we it see it not as evil but as good or a lesser kind of good then it follows that they are lying. We choose not between good and evil but between good and less good. We only do evil because we see some good in it. Believers in free will know fine well we don’t choose between good and evil but they slander us and themselves. It is impossible for us to love evil for its own sake for love involves seeing something as good. To say that when we do wrong we do evil is to say that we are evil. That being the case to love us is to love evil. Nobody can do that. They sweetly claim you must hate the evil a person does but love the person but that is to hide this. They are inciting to hatred and that is that. If Christians really believe that sinners are not completely worthless they wouldn’t be able to believe that they go to Hell to sin and suffer retribution forever if they happen to die.
If we have to hate people who do evil then free will obligates us to do it. We would rarely get a chance to do real good. Free will would be more about us having the choice to do evil than the choice to do good. It would not be a gift but a curse. It would actually be an argument against the existence of God.
Free will to mean anything must mean the choice to be lovable or despicable. But if we, including God, are to love our enemies and to love the wicked then we are denying them their choice and not taking it seriously. We are not respecting their free will at all. What we are doing is making their freedom to do evil or to be despicable pretty pointless. It is like giving somebody the freedom to steal and not thinking of them as a thief but as somebody to be loved. You can’t give somebody this freedom unless you are willing to think of them as a thief. Sinners must have the right to love themselves as well no matter what they do if we are to love them. What kind of free will is this that doesn’t allow the despicable to be despised? It’s nonsense. They are being treated as if their evil doesn’t matter. How can evil matter unless you hate the producer of the evil? If free will is the reason why there is suffering in the world not God as believers say then how can they claim that we must love the sinner and detest the sin? They are destroying their belief and they are admitting that their God is evil and cruel and that they want to turn a bind eye to it. It is a contradiction to say God gives us free will to love him and then that he ignores it.
The idea that free will is a choice between being good and less good has the following difficulty. If God gave us free will so that we could love, and because love is a voluntary thing, then the problem turns into us having the choice between being loving and less loving. We always love something. The person who commits suicide does so often because they feel that it is more loving to die and stop burdening the family and friends and society and himself. So we can’t stop loving so we have no choice to stop loving. We have no free will at all. All we have is the power to put the love in the wrong direction. In other words, to make mistakes. But a mistake by definition is not a deliberate attempt to do evil. To say that when we are forced to love and that love is voluntary is to be totally incoherent. It is to contradict oneself.

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