Free Will and Miracles and God

Religion attributes miracles to God.

God will only do miracles for very grave reasons if he is as wise as we are told. There is a flaw in the way he controls the universe if he ever needs to do them. Or perhaps the flaw is in us because of our sins. If we sin, we have abused our free will. We cannot have free will in spite of God but because of him. Thus God is still in control despite the attempt to defy him. Thus there is no flaw. The only miracle that can convert us is one experienced in the heart. External miracles are totally unnecessary.

If God is all-powerful, then he takes ultimate responsibility for everything that happens.

God does not need to do miracles. The Church says we have free will but this is not the power to go against God. In fact, even when we sin he has let us be influenced to sin. We are free because of God and not in spite of him. Thus God is ultimately responsible for all that happens. They say he is responsible for our sins but not a sinner. When God has that much power, it is clear that miracles are only happening for the sake of making a show. It follows that either he is immature and bad or that it is man that is causing the semblance of miracles.

Miracles then are not needed. Suppose for the sake of argument that they happen. This would imply they were extremely important and necessary. But hardly any reported miracles are that important! That is sufficient grounds for suspicion.

The miracles overlook the fact that if God is all-powerful then we sin because of him and can't go against him. He gives us all the things we use to sin. He gives us the will. Thus the idea of creation being out of his control is false and really kind of atheistic. The notion of free will being the power to step outside of God's will is rejected nowadays because we are free because of God and not because we are free from him. Such a God has no need to work miracles - he could simply ensure we can believe without them. Whatever miracles point to – if anything – it is not God. If God is able to influence us to believe and see the truth then miracles are not needed. They are vulgar and capricious. 

Miracles do not point to God. Is that enough to make us think they are just errors and lies? 

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