No point in believing in free will

Belief in free will is the basis of our acceptance of the need for punishment and reward. Religion encourages the doctrine as it wishes to argue, "God is perfectly good and all-powerful. If evil exists, we misused our free will and created it. It is not God's fault." So it advocates the doctrine to honour its god. It does that rather than try to honour us with the doctrine. The only decent reason to accept free will is if it is good for us to believe in it. Keep God out of it. If the doctrine is bad, then trying to justify it with a God makes it far worse.
We care more for how things make us feel than we do for anything else the things do. Free will will not be a cherished doctrine unless it gives us something productive and delightful to feel.
Our natural feelings are that if we have to kill a person to save lives, we should still take no pleasure in the death but only in the lives we have saved. Also, if a person does evil we should take pleasure only in his good side. This tells us that belief in free will is abnormal and emotionally useless though nearly everybody believes in it. So it has been acquired by the conditioning engaged in by religion and its prodigal puppet, society. The free will belief is a mental illness. It’s a neurosis. It has to be cured. Let us cure it. All our disorders proceed from irrational thinking and the subconscious mind is clever and it can even move ouija boards so it knows if we have any contradictory or harmful thinking in us and this thinking will cause it to lead us astray.
Religion tells us is that when we have to use our free will to do evil for a greater good that we should hate the evil but love the good that led to the evil. That is like saying you love the arm that somebody used to stab you but don’t love the hand. But if you hold that we are programmed to do what we do then we can consistently love the courage that caused a necessary evil and hate the evil for the simple reason that we are not responsible.
It is possible to imagine a world wherein even if free will is true, where it is no good to believe in it. What if most people were drug addicts? 

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