Pope John Paul II condemned fundamentalism.

He however must have meant that fundamentalism is bad except if it is Catholic fundamentalism.

He insisted on taking the outrageous literalist position that simply because Jesus said bread was his body that it literally becomes his body.

He forbade any dissent from papal or scriptural teaching.

He reiterated condemnation of the view that Adam and Eve symbolised a group of human ancestors who sinned and became the source of original sin. He refused to respect the DNA evidence that we could not have all emerged from one man and one woman.

He allowed capital punishment because the Bible God demands it but added the bizarre statement that it is to be used sparingly today for it's not often needed. By implication, if God said we must exercise it more frequently, then the Pope urges us to obey God.

He kissed fundamentalist books such as the Koran.

He condemned masturbation as a grave sin though it is impossible for it to be that bad. To say it is sin is to say it should be punished. That is hate speech.

He said the sex act must take place only between husband and wife and only when they use it as an expression of total holiness and self-giving. This clearly makes it impossible even for the most religious couples to have sex much.

He evilly signed the 1983 Canon Law code into Church Law though it required that some people regardless of how sorry they are for their sins cannot get absolution from their priest but have to go to a bishop. It is the height of bigotry to make it harder for people to shed their sins and repent them. What about God who supposedly is like the prodigal son's father who cannot wait a second too long to end estrangement with his son? What if the sinner is terrified and in grave distress over his or her "sin"? 

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