Analyse, “Religion encourages the idea of free will as being about for or against the goodness that God represents. This has the advantage of blaming us for evil not God. Free will is not necessarily about morality or always about it.”

The idea is that it is a choice all the time between good and evil and right and wrong. This is really about programming you to think that every single thing is just a battleground between good and evil. In the real world, it means you think you have to be at war with others who are at war with the evil in themselves. So the doctrine is riddled with fear, suspicion, misanthropy and cynicism. But there are cases where you have two or more options and each one of them is good. You are still freely doing good. Free will arguments suggest that unless you have bad and good in front of you all the time your good is not really good. That shows the hate in the doctrine. To say God allows all the evil and suffering over giving us a free will like that is calling God evil.

So it is an ideal then for every choice to be between stealing and giving, killing somebody and saving them, raping somebody or respecting their body and so on.  It is a pity then if you have to use your free will to choose one of four good things.  It is to be avoided for you need the training that comes from having to be in the middle of the discord between good and evil all the time.  What vile rubbish.  Life then is for me and you not for some part in a cosmic battle between God/good and evil.

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