The only problem with believing in a good supernatural being who looks after you is that temptation and evil refute his existence. Religion says they do not for they are the result of the abuse of free will or that God allows evil for a purpose which implies that we are free beings and God cannot make us good by snapping his fingers.
Man is accused of something that may be down to random forces rather than free will.
Man is accused because people want to believe in God.
And when man harms believers want him to suffer. That is horrendous considering that punishment is believed in for unfair and rubbish reasons.

We know that the will is not free but is programmed by the past and by the present environment to do what it does so there is no choice and you cannot avoid doing what you do. You only imagine you have a choice. This is called determinism.

Nobody really believes in free will anyway – though they pretend to themselves that they do - and we know we can get on well without the concept. I am most sure of my own existence for I experience myself and my own awareness and nobody else’s. That is obvious. I know that all I see all around me could be a dream. Therefore anything I do, I do it and should do it for myself and nobody else for what I am most sure of comes first. I only help others because it pleases me and when I behave badly it is a sickness because I believed I was doing what would give me the most pleasure and was wrong. I did not intend to do evil so I cannot have a free will to do evil.
Everybody on earth agrees that we only do evil because we think it is good for it is impossible to do evil just because it is evil. Plato and Socrates believed because of this that evildoing is just stupidity. Stupidity is not a crime for it is the lack of intelligence and for some reason our intelligence often fails us. How then can we be to blame if we do wrong? The world answers, “Because we know we can do evil knowing it is wrong”. But we are deluded and it follows that the more evil the act is the more we are deluded and the less responsible we are. The reason we can know something is wrong and still do it is because the intelligence takes into account not just the badness of the act but the need to satisfy one’s own desire. When the desire comes the perception of the intelligence is changed. It does not see the act as bad any more but sees it as desirable and rational. Behind the view that we can be to blame for the evil we do is the fascist notion of who are called “stupid people” being inferior as persons.

All agree that sensible happiness is the desire that is behind everything we do – the wrong kind of happiness – say, through drink or rampant casual sex - is fleeting and leads to more unhappiness. (To have sensible happiness you have to be a strictly rational person which is another reason why error has to be fought.) But we cannot desire God or the lover for themselves. We only desire the happiness we think they will bring. It is not them we want at all. This makes altruism and loving God meaningless. The suggestion that God gave us free will to choose between love of self and the love of him is therefore completely preposterous. People say there are unselfish desires and selfish desires. But desire is just a need for fulfilment and satisfaction so even if you want to see a person happy though it will do nothing for you it will do something for you for you will enjoy its fulfilment. The idea of an unselfish desire is totally and utterly wrong. Instead of trying to repress selfishness as all the world religions want us to do we must make it work for us and for the whole human race.

The believers in God say that God loves us unconditionally and that we must love one another the same. Obviously, if we can’t love unconditionally there cannot be a God for to love X conditionally is to love what they do for us and not X. But unconditional love is not unconditional liking and we prefer to be liked. We prefer people to like us because we give them pleasure and God can’t feel pleasure because he is a spirit. If God gave us free will then it was a choice between unconditional love and evil so it certainly was not between pleasure and pain which implies that divine morality is cruel. In other words, God has made us to make an impossible choice and for the sake of that choice he makes suffering possible.

Also if God exists then reason is probably delusion for he made deception and tolerates it and says he cannot abide temptation and has hypocritically made our bodies to tempt us to sin.

We can only do what we feel or think is good, so evil is a sickness that commands our concern and compassion as much as any other sickness does. Evil is not a sign of strength but of weakness. Evil is not a sign of cleverness but of foolishness.

It is evil to believe in free will because we can live without believing in it and it rouses hatred and grudges and condemnation and revenge so it is an unnecessary evil and should not be believed even if we could be free. Why condemn hate when you sow the seeds for it by teaching that free will is real? It is evil for anybody to tell me I have free will when I am most sure of my own existence for I have no experience that proves I have free will.

Most people keep up the lie that we are free agents because it gives them an excuse for wanting their pound of flesh and we all suffer from the conditioning of society and religion that makes us that vicious. People are eager to believe that what they are they have become through their own free choice. They may not realise it but it is true.
Belief in free will is a sickness, an evil concept and a tremendous libel against humanity for it blackens every human being to the core. The fact that there is no evidence in its support proves that it is these on all counts. We conclude then that free will is nothing more than an incitement to hatred for hatred is less likely with its denial – and if you thoroughly disbelieve in it hatred becomes impossible - and the implications of the doctrine could lead to any crime for setting the roots for crime is the biggest crime of all.

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