Free will as an excuse for God letting evil happen - cart before the horse?

Religion puts human suffering on the back seat in order to make belief in a good God plausible. It is a terrible thing to be so biased in such a grave matter. That is no way to treat human suffering.
Believers in God have to assume free will first. Then they have to assume that the freedom defence is true. Then they must assume that God exists. So their belief in God is an assumption. They assume that he exists without any evidence. They have no evidence for free will, the free will defence and therefore none for God either. God is an assumption for he is based on the assumptions of free will and the freedom defence. They do not believe in God but only assume that there is a God which shows that any evil caused or condoned as part of a divine plan by the doctrine is inexcusable.
If you have to believe in free will before you can believe in God then is God really God? God by definition is the all that matters. Thus belief in him is the not the most important belief but the only belief that matters. Free will belief does not lead you to God but to an idol. Any attempt to say that God is right to allow us to do evil for it means we can connect with him instead is doomed to failure and is evil itself.
The free will defence wants us to be totally evil at least inside. To say God gave us free choice is to say that God is worse than the Devil and likes to see people suffer. And it comes with the condition that are not to really care what God is like and to condone his ways. When he likes to see the innocent sick people he designates as sinners suffer how much would he enjoy seeing the unrighteous suffer? This concept of God as a giver of free will and the power to sin is an abomination in our sight and in the sight of reason and yet we unbelievers are the ones he calls abominations in the Law of Moses which he supposedly wrote!
Religion and religious people are not exactly the same thing. Is religion assuming God exists and then looking at the world where a few can destroy the freedom of millions? Religion in theory does. It does as a system of theology. But people never do that. People look at the world and try to see God in it which amounts to assuming they see God in it.
Religious people reason, "There are terrible evils. Babies are used as target practice. There are diseases that torment children to death. Okay we will not bother reasoning that a God can allow such situations. We will see that they happen. We will then just assume that they fit belief in God because they happen." You want to believe Jennie is honest. But you catch her shoplifting. Do you argue that she is honest and the evidence that she stole is unexplained meaning you are saying it proves nothing? No. If you do you are no better than her. No you are worse for you are making a situation that allows people to do such thing. And that amounts to encouraging them to steal. If you do that, what does your faith in God say about you? People may point to the good you do. But that is a distraction. The issue must be faced. They make themselves bad and hypocritical by trying to deflect criticism from you and to hide the issue under the rug.
Implicitly, the believers are saying, "Okay Hitler took away the free will of the Jews in a way beyond all our imaginings. We don't know why his free will was allowed by God to come before that of his victims. It happened therefore it should have happened." See and feel how disgusting that is.
You may answer that religion does look for reasons why God might allow suffering to happen. But evil is intolerable and all those arguments are about the notion that evil is in fact not fully evil for it is tolerable! If you think the evil you endure is tolerable in principle that does not give you the right to say anybody else's is. And especially if that other person is an ailing baby who is suffering horrendously. The answers are evil themselves and thus they are not really answers.
Free will should not be used as a means of saying a supernatural being who has the power to stop evil is right not to. If free will is a part of you, it should be revered as part of you and not used as a means to promote some religious idea and to defend the existence of a being who may not exist at all. It amounts to treating you as a means to an end. That is the essence of evil. That is how evil gets in.
And if there is a God, it could still be the case that a demiurge is running the universe and is mistaken for him and acting as him. This being could imagine he is good and he could be the Father of Jesus Christ.

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