The pope recognises a person as a saint during canonisation.

Point 1: Roman Catholicism teaches that canonisations, declarations that somebody is in Heaven, are infallible. This is because the person is set as a role model for the whole Church. The beliefs of the person are examined to see if they fit Church doctrine. This is necessary for canonisation. And their life is looked at to see evidence of heroic virtue - as the Catholic Church understands virtue. A person who is canonised is called a saint.

Point 2: The person who is to be canonised must do some miracles after death to show he or she is a saint. If we find that people who cannot be saints have done miracles that would show that miracles are not reliable as propaganda.

The Catholics believe the saints help them with their prayers. But they claim to believe that it is really God who helps and not the saints. So why pray to the saints then? Why pray, "Mary be thou my salvation!" instead of praying, "God hear the prayers of Mary for me to save me." The reason is because you are satisfying your desire for a new deity - Mary! The saints prayed to saints. So they were really idolaters. They are not role models.

Saints have led to this fraud.  People who have prayed that fraudulent way have been canonised! 

St Maria Maddalena De’ Pazzi who was born in 1566 in Florence tortured herself from childhood and died when she was thirty-three. She slept on the floor and rolled in nettles and thorns. She had healing powers and could float in mid-air. She was stigmatised at 19. Her penances have been described as unbelievable. Seemingly as a grim trophy for breaking the world record for self-abuse, her intact body reposes in a glass case in the Carmelite Church of Florence. There is no scientific explanation for why she has not decayed simply because science has not got the chance to examine her right. It would be an evil miracle for that lady fasted continuously and miraculously for years on bread and water and claimed she ate nothing else which is a dangerous example for anorexics. She used to be found with food presses open but her excuse was that demons did it to tempt her to break her holy fast (page 37, From Fasting Saints to Anorexic Girls).  Some miracle. Her stigmata must have been dubious as well when her miracle fast was a hoax.
St Veronica Guilani was caught raiding the larder too though she claimed to be fasting by virtue of a miracle. But this did not stop the Church making a saint of her. The excuse given was that it was a demon in her form that was seen gorging down food in the kitchen (ibid page 37). What point would there be in God doing a miracle when he is going to let a demon do that for then you end up guessing that the miracle was true which spoils the whole point of doing the miracle. She was a stigmatist too which indicates how miraculous her wounds were. Bizarrely, she prayed that the wounds would become invisible to prevent the bishop and other examining them for it was so painful (page 139, The Bleeding Mind). What use would an invisible miracle be to other people and God isn’t going to do a miracle just for her. When she wanted to keep the wounds why should she have minded the bishop hurting her for they couldn’t have been any sorer anyway. She hinted that she was faking her wounds.

Blessed Elizabeth of Reute who died in 1420 was another stigmatist who claimed to have lived for years without any food though food had been found under her bed (page 37, From Fasting Saints to Anorexic Girls). Again, it was assumed the Devil put it there. Saints who can live for years without food, in many cases living on the consecrated wafer at Mass alone for years, are shown to be less convincing when there are several cases of people like Barbara Kremers from Germany who were eventually caught though everybody was sure they were for real for they had been watched continuously to see if they were eating on the sly and had done nothing suspicious.

Another indication of fraud is the fact that tiredness, constipation and sickness due to the fasting was very frequent (page 220, From Fasting Saints to Anorexic Girls). You would not expect that with a real miracle.

Yet another is the fact that many anorexics have died believing they had the miracle of living without food performed by the Holy Spirit on their bodies so the fruits of faith in this miracle, the miracle of inedia, are diabolical to say the least. When the Church says that only human credence can be attached to such miracles for it is not certain they are from God it is clear that it is a sin for inediacs to refuse food and take the risk. St John of the Cross warned about the dangers of apparitions and miracles for they can so easily lead to illusion.

David Blaine was enclosed for 44 days in a glass case above London in 2003 and was under constant camera surveillance to verify that he had not eaten in that entire period. He did not show any physical change such as getting thinner until much later on in the stunt. He did so well that it was impossible to believe he was not eating but he wasn’t as urine tests verified. He himself says there was nothing psychic or supernatural about his stunt. When a magician could do that why couldn’t a Catholic saint be using discipline and trickery as well?

When long and physical wonders like inedia and stigmata are so dubious though they should be more easily verifiable than visionaries and that ilk it bodes far worse for the latter. We should be treble suspicious where they are concerned. Nobody reporting these wonders should be canonised.

St Joseph Calasanz who was made the patron saint of all the Catholic schools in the world by Pope Pius XII and praised by John Paul II covered up clerical child-abuse in the teaching order of priests he founded. The saint was canonised by Pope Clement XIII in 1767.

The saints we have looked at show that canonisations cannot be taken seriously.


The following two sites show just what a liar Mother Teresa was and her callous heart is laid bare. They show the deceit of Pope John Paul II who was eager to make a saint of her.

This fascinating book reveals shockers such as that the pope has beatified Archbishop Stepinac of Zagreb who stood idly by as Jews and Communists were hounded to their deaths and the notorious fascist Cardinal Schuster of Milan. THE POWER AND THE GLORY, Inside the Dark Heart of John Paul II's Vatican, David Yallop, Constable, London, 2007 page 362 shows that there is no record or evidence that Stepinac did anything to stop the priests and religious under his authority who were part of efforts to force people into conversion to the Church or die. The most senior Ustashi war criminals who operated this scheme were protected by the Vatican until 1947 (page 363). The Vatican ratline for war criminals enabled 30,000 plus to escape (page 364). Stepinac is quoted as giving an defence of his evil actions that amounted to saying he should be excused for he was only obeying orders (page 364).
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