Catholics have to confess serious sins to the priest to get rid of them so that they might go to Heaven. If they deliberately fail to tell a serious sin then that is another serious sin.
The Catholic Church holds that if you forget to tell a mortal sin in confession that is all right if it really is not your fault. You can tell it the next time.

The evils you forget you have done taint you. Your memories that you will never drag up again also make you what you are. The doctrine of forgotten sins is only a scam in case people get fed up trying to get spiritual healing for their sins from the Church for they will think there is no point.

The Church is misleading us for a person could write the sins down and destroy the paper after emerging from the confessional. There is no excuse for forgetting so forgotten sin will not be pardoned.

Deliberately forgetting a mortal sin and forgetting you forgot must be fine because when you forget it you can’t really mean to refuse to repent it. When you forget your sin you sincerely believe that it does not exist anymore. The Church says God cannot punish you for sincerity. Confession is just superstition.

Confession is a waste of time when you don’t have to remember and confess everything. It is evil for it forces a priest to listen to you saying you will bomb the shopping centre tomorrow. He could save lives if he could tell it. The rules of confession force him not to divulge it. And for what?

You cannot repent of each forgotten sin because you don’t remember what it was and you might feel differently if you remember it. It is no use simply praying, “God, forgive my forgotten sins”. It is better to make a list of all the sins you possibly could have committed and say after each one, “If I have done this then I am truly sorry.” That is the nearest you can get to confessing and repenting the sin.

With the other way it is like somebody saying, “I hate lying”, forgetting that they like to tell white lies. Obviously, there is no hatred of sin or prudence in a person who simply does not worry about forgotten sins and does not specifically repudiate each one.

It is a mortal sin not to use the list method because if you don’t then you don’t care if you have committed a forgotten mortal sin. To accept mortal sin is a mortal sin.

We see that the dread of death that Catholics have over the confessional which is directly caused by being afraid that they have forgotten some sins is justified. One cannot be pardoned unless one does the list method of repenting mortal sin first which means that unexpected death could put you in Hell even if you have been absolved because you cannot do the list method.
Everybody commits the mortal sin of neglecting the list method. If confession puts you in a state of grace then it only lasts for a few hours or less – until the possibility of committing a forgotten mortal sin is started.

If God passes over forgotten sins he can punish nobody even one who temporarily forgets or is distracted from sin. It implies that God hates sinners by sending suffering to get them to repent.

St Paul spoke of his fear that having a clear conscience like him has nothing at all to do with showing you are right with God and acquitted for sins.   You could have sins you do not see or maybe you do not see that your repentance is fake.  Paul feared being a reject.  Such sins are as bad as forgotten sins.  Paul may have meant forgotten sins as well.

Imagine what terror such teachings instil.

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