The eggshell rule applies in any legal system worthy of the name.  "The wrongdoer is liable for all the injuries resulting directly from the wrongful act, whether they could or could not have been foreseen."  The rule was famously applied in the Vosburg v Putney case.  An ordinary kick delivered by one boy to the other triggered a diseased reaction in the other boy which could not have been expected at all.  But the kicker was still found responsible for all the terrible consequences.

God surely if he has law will have the eggshell rule too.

Many would argue that the idea of a God who punishes forgetful and abstracted people like us for forgotten sin could not exist or could not be considered fair. It is said that it is not right to mete out retribution to a person who does not remember the crime. If that is correct then it is wrong to punish a person who has not forgotten the crime but who is distracted from it. It is wrong to punish a person who forgets how free they were. Nobody remembers how free they were for most sins.
This idea that God will not punish forgotten sins cannot be proved. It is just to punish one for a forgotten crime. The person deserves it whether she or he has forgotten or not. And they would have forgotten if they didn’t want to. They wanted to forget the sins even if they were too lazy to write them down. If the person knows she or he is being punished for something that is what counts. If it is unfair to punish one for a forgotten crime then it is unfair to return a kindness to a person who cannot even think of what it is for on account of being racked with pain. It would be unfair to reward a person for a long forgotten kindness that only you remember.
It would be unfair to let a person who has been sent to jail be unaware of their crime. If a person takes amnesia and wanders off into the night the people who raid the house would not be stealing for it would not be his if he has forgotten them. Punishment is for making the person suffer for the crime, which can be done regardless of whether or not the person remembers.

We all know we forget many so-called sins. But we keep making more sins we do not forget. When you sin you reverse repentance for previous sins and become as bad as you were before you repented. You are reiterating the malignance and pride in your sins. So when you sin, you wish that all of the sins you have forgotten no matter how numerous they were will be restored as insults to God.
The doctrine of original sin says that babies are punished for this sin by not having God’s presence in them. That proves God must hold forgotten sin against you and you never know if you are right with him or not.
The suffering of babies would not disprove the idea that suffering is punishment for sin unless one assumes that reincarnation is impossible.
If forgotten sins should be pardoned then we should pardon unrepentant sins for they are no different.

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